Change Management App

The MetricStream Change Management App provides a comprehensive, scalable system to manage changes in processes, equipment, documents, and more. The App records details of the change, including area, nature, risks, and associated non-conformances or CAPAs. The App also streamlines the change management lifecycle, including change request initiation, verification, and closure. Through powerful analysis tools, the App provides visibility into the processes and customers that will be affected by the change. It also tracks if the intended change outcome has been achieved.

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Change Initiation and Approval

Captures change request details, including area of change, scope, cause, type, date, associated risks, and expected impact; routes change request for evaluation, review, and approval to relevant stakeholders

Change Execution and Tracking

Helps break up change request into smaller tasks, and assign them with due dates to the required team; triggers escalations for delays; tracks the status of the change request through each stage

Change Verification and Closure

Supports evaluation of change outcome; helps flag samples in the changed process for stability and quality monitoring; routes post-change assessments for approval and closure

Reports and Metrics

Provides in-depth visibility into the change management process with both aggregate reporting and individual case status tracking; helps users associate and analyze various types of changes, and identify trends


  • Accelerate and simplify change management through well-structured and highly automated processes
  • Proactively measure the impact of changes on the business. Avoid unintended outcomes
  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration and coordination on change management processes
  • Gain a central point of reference to manage and track changes across the enterprise
  • Integrate change management with quality management, corrective action, non-conformance management, and related processes
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