Complaints Management App

The MetricStream Complaints Management App provides a unified system to manage, investigate, and track customer complaints across the enterprise. The App captures complaints data from multiple sources such as emails and online portals, and then triggers a streamlined process of investigation, root cause analysis, and internal or supplier Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA). At each stage, you are provided real-time visibility into the status of complaints, along with trend analytics to identify and address product and service failures and areas of improvement.

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Complaints Recording and Routing

Captures comprehensive complaint details from phones, emails, and online sites; supports complaint categorization; routes complaints for investigation to the responsible department and supplier; keeps process on track through automated alerts

Investigation and Response Monitoring

Facilitates cross-functional collaboration on complaint investigations and root cause analyses; helps assign investigation tasks, and define due dates; routes investigation findings and action plans to complaints managers for review

Remedial Actions

Sends automatic notifications to appropriate personnel to initiate remedial action; captures remediation activities through audit trails; enables action owners to periodically provide remediation status updates

Complaints Reports and Metrics

Provides visibility into the complaints lifecycle through aggregated reporting and individual complaint tracking capabilities; helps identify trends and common sources of complaints; delivers complaint statistics and trends based on multiple parameters


  • Leverage a common platform to capture, manage, and resolve enterprise-wide customer complaints
  • Automatically aggregate and consolidate complaints from multiple sources such as emails, websites, and hotlines
  • Improve complaint management efficiency by streamlining and automating workflows
  • Capture a timely, enterprise-wide view of complaints. Proactively address and minimize product and service issues
  • Strengthen communication and collaboration on complaints management across business functions
  • Enhance compliance with customer complaint management regulations and standards from the FDA, ISO, and other authorities
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