Compliance Management App

The MetricStream Compliance Management App provides a comprehensive system to manage a range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements. Scaling across the enterprise, the App integrates and maps compliance mandates and controls in a central framework, thereby simplifying compliance management and monitoring. The App also streamlines and standardizes compliance and control processes, minimizing deviations and redundancies. Graphical dashboards provide in-depth visibility across the compliance program, enabling you to proactively identify and address areas of concern.

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Regulatory Intelligence

Provides a streamlined approach to manage, monitor and respond to changes in the regulations. Helps in limiting exposure to compliance risks by providing you with real-time data on non-compliance areas, and enabling you to make informed business decisions

Compliance Environment Design

Helps define and maintain a centralized structure of the overall compliance and control hierarchy, including processes, assets, risks, and controls, as well as associated policies and regulations

Compliance Assessments and Surveys

Supports the designing, scheduling, and assigning of control assessments and surveys; streamlines assessments based on various criteria and checklists, and provides tools to calculate and report the results

Issue Management

Routes compliance issues and exceptions through a systematic investigation and remediation process; triggers automatic alerts for task assignments; keeps each case open till it is effectively resolved

Compliance Monitoring

Provides a range of standard and configurable compliance reports; delivers enterprise-wide visibility into compliance; alerts stakeholders to failures, issues, and exceptions

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  • Simplify compliance management by centralizing your compliance processes and controls
  • Enable a consistent, efficient approach to compliance by streamlining workflows
  • Reduce compliance costs by automating control assessments, reporting, and issue remediation
  • Gain a 360-degree view of compliance across the enterprise through powerful dashboards, risk heat maps, and reports
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