Conflict Minerals Compliance Management App

The MetricStream Conflict Minerals Compliance Management App enables you to implement an efficient and sustainable approach to compliance with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. The App streamlines the conflict minerals program, and automates resources-intensive tasks. It also provides real-time visibility into compliance risks, enabling you to make informed sourcing decisions. In addition, MetricStream provides an optional support service where our supplier governance experts work closely with you to develop an effective conflict minerals compliance strategy. We also help you enhance supplier assessments, communication, and support.

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Planning and Strategy

Provides access to MetricStream’s team of experts who collaborate with you through a series of workshops to develop a robust conflict minerals compliance strategy

Supplier Information Management

Captures and maps information on suppliers, sub-suppliers, smelters, and conflict minerals, with updates from EICC-GeSI

Creation of Supplier Self-Assessments and Surveys

Offers updated EICC-GeSI-based survey templates to simplify supplier survey creation; provides supplier communication mechanisms, alerts, and notifications to enhance the survey process

Survey Execution and Follow-up

Streamlines and automates survey distribution and follow-up; provides a cloud-based portal for suppliers to fill in surveys; stores responses centrally

Issue Management

Routes issues through a closed-loop process of investigation and remediation; enables real-time tracking of issues at the enterprise level

Analysis and Reporting

Simplifies Form SD creation with a range of pre-defined reports (e.g. smelter reports, due diligence trackers, 3TG trace reports); delivers real-time updates on the conflict minerals program

Due Diligence Services

MetricStream's trained professionals provide multiple support services to validate red flags, smelter data, and supplier policies; helps identify smelter region; follows up on supplier surveys, and enhances compliance reporting

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  • Strengthen conflict minerals traceability by linking together suppliers, products, processes, and risks in one, unified system
  • Gain a comprehensive, enterprise view of conflict minerals compliance. Proactively identify and address potential risks
  • Enable a streamlined, consistent approach to managing regulatory filings, supplier self-assessments, and certifications
  • Enhance the quality of supplier communications and surveys. Improve supplier response rates
  • Effectively validate supplier survey data, and automatically identify red flags for incongruous supplier responses
  • Extend the App to manage supplier risks, performance, audits, and compliance (e.g. REACH, RoHS compliance)
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