Environmental Management App

The MetricStream Environmental Management App integrates and streamlines environmental processes, including air emissions analyses, water and energy management, and waste reduction. The App provides visibility into the risk of incidents such as oil spills, chemical leaks, and improper disposal of toxic substances, while strengthening compliance with environmental regulations and standards. The App also enables you to analyze your organization’s environmental impact, and identify high risk levels. Powerful dashboards provide a comprehensive view of environmental activities, incidents, and trends, facilitating continuous improvements.

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Air Emissions Management

Supports multiple types of air quality scenario calculations and analyses; integrates emissions data from various systems, highlights risks, and sends out notifications to stakeholders

Waste Management

Captures metrics on enterprise-wide waste disposal and recycling; enables hazardous waste risk assessments; triggers corrective actions to reduce waste toxicity

Water and Energy Management

Captures quantitative and qualitative data on energy and water usage and costs; helps define thresholds and policies for energy and water consumption; triggers notifications for threshold breaches

Permit and License Management

Facilitates a systematic, automated approach to permit and license filing, tracking, and maintenance; maintains an inventory of required permits and licenses; triggers alerts for permits and licenses about to expire

Audit Management

Supports multiple types of audits, including emission, effluent, and waste audits; streamlines risk assessments, audit planning, audit execution, and reporting

Incident Management

Helps log, investigate, track, report, and resolve environmental incidents in a closed-loop, automated manner


Provides a comprehensive set of standard and configurable environmental reports; delivers an in-depth view of the environmental program, highlighting key risks and areas of concern


  • Leverage a common platform to manage and track environmental initiatives across the organization
  • Enhance compliance with ISO 14001 and other industry and regional specific environmental standards and regulations through streamlined, collaborative processes
  • Gain a real-time view of environmental processes, audit findings, and incidents. Mitigate risks in a timely manner
  • Capture environmental incidents and audit findings on tablets or mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Attach photos and videos as evidence
  • Build a transparent environmental compliance environment where decisions are based on hard facts and metrics
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