Health and Safety Management App

The MetricStream Health and Safety Management App enables you to establish a systematic and consistent process for minimizing occupational health hazards, and improving safety. The App streamlines the process of conducting safety observations, analyzing job hazards, managing personal protective equipment (PPE), and resolving incidents. The App also integrates with multiple enterprise systems, capturing health and safety data on a common platform. Advanced reporting tools provide real-time data visibility, enabling you to proactively detect and mitigate potential hazards.

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Safety Observations

Enables users to plan and schedule safety observations; provides pre-defined templates and checklists to conduct fieldwork; captures findings, generates reports, and routes data for review and analysis

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Provides flexible survey tools, hazard analysis methodologies, heat maps, and scenario analysis mechanisms to assess, rank, and prioritize job hazards; helps define and implement appropriate controls

Medical Records Management

Offers the capability to integrate with HR systems, and capture data on employee health, fitness, and medical details; helps schedule health checks; triggers alerts if health records are outdated

Incident Management and CAPA

Helps record, track, investigate, report, and resolve health and safety incidents, including occupational injuries, workplace fatalities, accidents, and illnesses

Mobile Functionalities

Provides the ability to capture health and safety incidents, as well as inspection and observations findings on tablets and mobile devices anywhere, anytime; allows users to attach pictures and videos as evidence


Provides multiple health and safety reporting templates; delivers both enterprise-wide and location-specific visibility into health and safety data, hazards, and incidents


  • Gain a single point of reference to manage and track employee health and safety across the enterprise
  • Proactively minimize job safety hazards through systematic, timely inspections and safety observations
  • Accelerate health and safety incident capture, investigations, tracking, and CAPA management
  • Get a real-time view of health and safety hazards, incidents, and metrics. Swiftly address areas of concern
  • Enhance compliance with industry standards and regulations, including OHSAS 18001, OSHA, and WSIB
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