Internal Audit Management App

The MetricStream Internal Audit Management App is designed to manage a wide range of internal audit activities, data, and processes in an integrated and unified manner. The App streamlines and standardizes the internal audit lifecycle, minimizing redundancies and inconsistencies. It also cuts across organizational siloes, improving collaboration and information-sharing on audit activities. Companies across industries use the Internal Audit Management App to drive intelligent risk-based audits, to improve auditor productivity, and to gain comprehensive, real-time visibility into the internal audit process.

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Risk-Based Internal Audit Planning

Supports risk assessments based on configurable methodologies and algorithms; leverages risk ratings and results to help define and prioritize audit plans effectively

Audit Scheduling and Resource Management

Enables users to schedule audits, assign responsibilities with due dates, and send out automated alerts; offers tools for time and budget tracking and audit resource management

Internal Audit Execution

Provides pre-defined audit forms, work papers, and checklists to record findings and observations; supports multiple simultaneous audit tasks, collaborative reviews, fieldwork approvals, and audit status tracking

Offline and Mobile Audits

Supports audit fieldwork at remote sites without network connectivity; enables auditors to enter data on-the-go from the convenience of tablets and mobile devices

Internal Audit Tracking and Reporting

Provides real-time visibility into audit processes, history, and findings through graphical dashboards and reports; generates configurable draft and final audit reports

Internal Audit Review and Findings Management

Routes internal audit findings to the appropriate managers for review and subsequent actions; triggers systematic investigation and corrective action for audit issues

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  • Enable a consistent, risk-based approach to internal audits across the enterprise
  • Enhance audit productivity and efficiency. Enable better utilization of audit resources
  • Lower audit costs by replacing siloed and manual processes with a streamlined and automated approach
  • Get a timely picture of the status and progress of audit activities across business units
  • Minimize the recurrence of audit issues through a closed-loop, tightly monitored process for corrective action and follow-up
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