NERC Compliance Management App

The MetricStream NERC Compliance Management App combines next-generation technology, best practices, and content to help you simplify and enhance compliance with NERC reliability standards, including NERC 693 and NERC CIP. The App streamlines NERC compliance processes, while automating manually-intensive workflows. The App also provides a collection of NERC standards, as well risk and control libraries, control tests and procedures, and reporting templates. Graphical dashboards provide compliance insights that guide and support decision-making at the highest levels of the organization.

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NERC Compliance Environment and Process Design

Helps define and maintain a central structure of the NERC compliance hierarchy, including NERC standards, sub-standards, processes, assets, risks, controls, and control tests

NERC Compliance Assessments

Helps design, assign, and execute compliance assessments based on pre-defined criteria and checklists; supports automatic scoring and reporting of results; maintains assessments in a central repository for quick reference

NERC Compliance Audits

Supports each stage of the audit lifecycle; includes capabilities to prepare compliance surveys, communicate with auditors, track issues, and trigger remediation

Risk-Based Asset Management

Helps identify and manage physical and cyber assets; provides configurable risk methodologies and algorithms to rate and classify assets as critical or non-critical

Reporting and Compliance Monitoring

Streamlines self-certification, reporting, and regulatory filings; generates RSAW worksheets to evaluate and report evidence of NERC compliance; provides enterprise-wide visibility into compliance through powerful dashboards

Issue Management and Remediation

Triggers investigation and remediation action for issues and exceptions that pose a risk of non-compliance; delivers automated alerts with task assignments; enables real-time tracking of issues


  • Build an integrated, tightly mapped NERC compliance and controls framework that enables quick associations between controls and regulations
  • Enhance NERC compliance with best practice content from leading NERC compliance and security consulting firm, CRSI
  • Get automatic alerts on new NERC standards, versions, and updates. Simplify change management
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration on NERC compliance activities. Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Facilitate a risk-based approach to NERC compliance. Gain a clear view of compliance risk profiles
  • Simplify reporting and self-certification. Improve top-level and granular visibility into NERC compliance
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