Regulatory Engagement Management

The MetricStream Regulatory Engagement Management App enables you to successfully navigate multiple types of regulatory engagements with federal, state, and international supervisors. These engagements may vary in scope based on whether they are examinations, general inquiries, investigations, enforcements, or regulatory meetings. The frequency of these engagements may also vary depending on their purpose. The MetricStream app supports the efficient management of each engagement throughout its lifecycle - from the time the engagement letter is received, till the time a response is submitted to the regulator.

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Engagement Creation

Supports the creation of different regulatory engagement types; captures all relevant details for engagement creation, including engagement type, regulator name, relevant dates, owners, and contacts

Engagement Task and Sub-Task Management

Provides the ability to create and assign tasks and sub-tasks for each regulatory engagement with task management workflows; helps set due dates for each task with regular notifications and alerts to drive the task to completion

Engagement Roles and Responsibilities

Helps define and assign roles and responsibilities for each engagement, task, and sub-task; supports submission of the response to the regulator upon completion; restricts access to sensitive data based on ownership and security controls

Engagement Findings Management and Action Planning

Helps record regulator findings and sub-findings with relevant details, including finding summary, root cause, and owner; enables the creation and tracking of action plans to drive the engagement to completion

Attachment and Management of Engagement Documents

Supports attaching multiple types of regulatory and internal documents across the engagement process; provides a centralized repository to store regulations, policies, first day letters, email records, and other examination material

Collaboration through Microsoft Outlook Integration

Drives effective collaboration during various stages of the regulatory engagement through seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook; supports the initiation of Outlook tasks and meetings through the app itself

Dashboards and Reporting

Provides standard reports and dashboards with comprehensive visibility into the regulatory engagement process, including status, tasks, and findings; helps users slice and dice the data to uncover critical engagement patterns and trends


  • Automate the regulatory engagement management process, significantly reducing the time and costs involved in exam management
  • Gain robust, multi-level security and access controls with support for hierarchy-based organizational models and org-role pairings
  • Improve visibility into the progress and status of various regulatory exams and interactions
  • Integrate regulatory engagement management with other attributes of the GRC ecosystem, including risks, compliance, and policies
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