Risk Control Self Assessment

Risk Control Self- Assessment (RCSA) capabilities form a core part of the MetricStream Operational Risk Management (ORM) App. These capabilities enable banks and financial organizations to document and evaluate their risk frameworks at multiple levels including corporate, business unit, and process levels. The functionality provides a centralized risk framework to document, manage, and assesses all risks faced by an organization. It includes a risk register (library) where risk information for “ risks under management ” is created and maintained. The information includes the description, ownership, definition, impact, source, line of defense, and likelihood of risks, frequency of review, and key risk indicators, in accordance with financial industry best practices. Risk assessments and computations are based on configurable methodologies and algorithms, providing a clear view into organizational risks, and enabling risk managers to develop optimal risk and reward strategies.


  • Establishes a flexible approach to Risk Control Self- Assessments (RCSAs) across corporate, business unit, and process levels
  • Integrates all risk-control data in one place by implementing a common, consistent risk language
  • Simplifies RCSAs by linking together multiple risks, controls, processes, assessments, and policies
  • Streamlines assessments and minimizes redundancies along with operational inefficiencies
  • Automatically aggregates and rolls up risk data to the top to provide complete risk visibility
  • Optimizes risk-reward outcomes by addressing issues and areas of concern in a timely manner
MetricStream Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) solution

The solution provides an enterprise-class solution for data aggregation, reporting, and comparison to provide enterprise-wide visibility into the RCSA process and highlight issues that need to be addressed on priority. The real-time visibility provided by the solution enables organizations to track RCSA through its life-cycle from initiation to closure. Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities with graphical dashboards help managers perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems to drive root cause analysis in a timely manner.

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