Social Media Risk and Compliance Management App

The MetricStream Social Media Risk and Compliance Management App enables you to proactively mitigate social media risks by continuously monitoring social media channels, and detecting negative, harmful, or non-compliant information. The App pulls in unstructured data from multiple social media sources, and processes the data using Big Data analytics, leveraging the Hadoop framework and Natural Language Processing capabilities. The App also supports connected issue and action plan workflows to communicate and manage the social media issues identified.

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Identification of Risk Sources

Helps identify the social media channels, sources, and authors that need to be tracked; creates data feeds from the content source into the App

Data Aggregation and Processing

Integrates data from both structured and unstructured sources through proprietary Infolet connectors; processes data using Hadoop DFS and MapReduce frameworks; stores data in a distributed file system

Risk Detection

Detects risk indicators using Natural Language Processing (NLP) rules, including keyword usage, frequency of repetition, and author influence; helps analyze data in real time; highlights key product, brand, and reputation risks

Informing Stakeholders

Delivers automated alerts and notifications on key risks identified; provides powerful dashboards, reports, and heat maps to analyze risk trends and causes


Integrates with the MetricStream Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) App to trigger risk investigation and corrective action


  • Gain a common system to manage and track risks across multiple social media channels
  • Monitor, segregate, and correlate social media conversations in real time. Proactively detect reputational risk
  • Efficiently counter incidents pertaining to product and brand feedback, unauthorized employee posts, and security breaches
  • Process multi-lingual social media conversations for risk identification and assessment
  • Spot and address recurring social media issues in a timely manner. Analyze trends, and make informed decisions
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