Third-Party Management App

The MetricStream Third-Party Management App provides an integrated system to manage third-party screening, due diligence, risk assessments, and issues. The App cuts across enterprise silos, automating and streamlining third-party governance workflows, while consolidating and mapping together third-party data in a central repository. The app is delivered with content feeds from authoritative third-party verification sources and advanced reporting tools which provide real-time insights into third-party risks, enabling you to respond swiftly.

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Third-Party Screening and Scope

Facilitates a systematic, consistent due diligence process to assess third parties; integrates with sanction lists, adverse media reports, and other data to validate third-party information, and to identify red flags

Third-Party Risk Assessments

Enables third-party risk assessments and surveys based on multiple parameters; integrates risk data from past events, third-party reported information, and screening process warning signals

Third-Party Management and Documentation

Captures third-party risk assessment findings, issues, action plans, and decisions; delivers comprehensive visibility into third parties over their lifecycles

Monitoring and Review

Provides powerful dashboards and reports with drill-down capabilities to continuously monitor third-party risks and performance, and to identify changes in risk levels

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  • Gain a 360-degree view of the third-party ecosystem, including risks, performance scores, and issues
  • Strengthen third-party due diligence through integration with trusted data validation sources
  • Save resources and costs by streamlining and automating third-party risk assessments across the organization
  • Strengthen compliance with third-party management standards and regulations, including OCC, FINRA, FFIEC, FCPA, and C-TPAT
  • Centrally store, manage, and map the third-party hierarchy (Level 1 to Level n)
  • Improve communication and coordination with third parties worldwide. Resolve risk issues in a timely manner
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