Security Threat and Vulnerability Management App

The MetricStream Security Threat and Vulnerability Management App enables the effective management of IT assets by proactively aggregating and correlating threats and vulnerabilities from across the enterprise. The App integrates with multiple systems, including threat scanners, vulnerability assessment tools, and security intelligence feeds, as well as social media channels. It automatically pulls in threat and vulnerability information from these systems, links this data to critical assets to identify risk exposures, and triggers a streamlined and automated process of remediation.

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Integrated Asset Library

Aggregates data on IT and cloud assets in a central repository; closely tracks and maps threats and vulnerabilities across these assets

Consolidation of Threat Intelligence

Automatically tracks and integrates threat intelligence from multiple internal and external sources, including network and application vulnerability assessment tools, asset and patch management systems, threat intelligence feeds, and social media

Threat Correlation and Visualization

Offers a comprehensive view of system vulnerabilities and inter-relationships; helps visualize attacks against assets in a tree-structure; supports data correlation with SIEM solutions for enhanced reporting

Flexible Threat Definition and Risk Scoring

Helps classify threats based on various criteria; creates a combined risk score from self-assessments, vulnerability risks, asset criticality, and scoring methodologies such as CVSS

Remediation Management

Facilitates a streamlined, collaborative approach to defining and implementing remediation tasks, including revalidations; triggers automatic notifications with the details of each threat, as well as remediation assignments


Provides real-time intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities, including KRIs, statistics, and trends through graphical dashboards and reports with drill-down capabilities

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  • Gain timely visibility into threats and vulnerabilities across IT and cloud assets
  • Manage multiple security assessment solutions across network and application layers from a single interface
  • Correlate security threats with other IT and business risks to get a consolidated risk view
  • Transform threat and vulnerability data into actionable intelligence to swiftly eliminate attack vectors
  • Streamline and accelerate threat and vulnerability remediation. Track the process in real time
  • Strengthen compliance with IT security regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NERC-CIP
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