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DUBAL: Building an Integrated and Sustainable Enterprise Risk Management Framework
DUBAL established a more structured and systemic approach to risk management by implementing a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework with the objective to put in place effective risk management policies, strategies, and processes that would contribute to the existing strategies aimed at protecting and enhancing shareholder value.
Sterling Bank: Increasing Effectiveness through Integrated GRC Strategy
Sterling Bank with a vision of an integrated GRC architecture and framework to enable everyone to work collaboratively and efficiently, while reducing costs and eliminating redundant activities implemented MetricStream’s Enterprise GRC solution suite to provide a federated GRC architecture. The bank now has risk ownership and transparency while aggregating GRC data in real time enabling them to leverage this information to drive risk-based decisions and guide business strategy.
Fast-Growing Mid-Sized Financial Services Institution Unifies Risk Processes, and Harmonizes Risk Language across the Enterprise
MetricStream’s cloud based risk management solution is helping the client streamline the full range of their risk management processes, establish a comprehensive risk register and common risk taxonomy, enhance risk visibility, and ensure better regulatory preparedness.
Financial Guarantee Insurance Provider Builds an Enterprise-Wide Culture of Risk Awareness and Strengthens Compliance
MetricStream solution has automated risk and compliance processes, improved visibility into risks and controls at the enterprise level, and provided advanced analytics to enable the client to better anticipate and respond to emerging risks.
Leading Aluminum Manufacturer Strengthens Ability to Predict Losses for Risk Scenarios through Monte Carlo Simulations
Integrated with the ERM solution is the MetricStream analytics engine which is enabling the client to improve the quality and accuracy of quantitative risk assessments using Monte Carlo simulations.
Leading Energy Services Company Automates and Streamlines Issue/ Incident Investigation, Tracking, and Resolution through a Cloud-based Solution
MetricStream’s cloud based solution is helping the client reduce overheads, optimize the efficiency of issue management, and improve enterprise-level visibility into the status of all issues.
A Large Electric Utility Harmonizes and Integrates Governance, Risk, and Compliance Processes across the Enterprise
MetricStream provided an integrated GRC solution for managing the customer’s enterprise-wide risk and compliance programs, and supporting their complex control requirements and regulatory obligations.
Integrating and Standardizing Global Internal Audits and Risk Assessments - Société Générale
In a drive towards more consistent audit tools, methods, and processes, the global audit group at Societe General undertook an effort to streamline all different audit teams under one single unique group, as well as establish a common internal audit process for the global enterprise.
Automating Supply Chain Governance - HD Supply
HD Supply adopted a new streamlined, automated, and work-flow-based approach to supplier onboarding and governance with an an increasingly sharp focus on the performance and quality of their entire global supply base.
Adopting an Integrated Approach to GRC - Sterling Bank
Sterling Bank successfully adopted an integrated and enterprise wide GRC program, which consolidates various GRC functions, including enterprise risk management, internal audit, issue management, policy management, business-line risk assessment, regulatory compliance self-assessments and internal asset review, into one enterprise-wide view.
A Global Food and Beverage Giant Strengths and Streamlines Its Corporate Governance Program in its Mexican Operations
MetricStream solution would help in complying with all applicable regulations, managing associated risks, and adhering to strict corporate governance standards while pursuing an aggressive growth path.
A Fortune 500 Bank Strengthens Its Risk Resilience through a Cohesive ORM Framework Delivering Real-time Risk Intelligence
MetricStream solution enables the client to streamline operational risk and control assessment processes, and enhance collaboration across business functions.
Leading Oil and Gas Company Integrates Multiple Risk, Audit, and Compliance Processes to Drive Global Expansion
The company adopted MetricStream solution to achieve GRC convergence by integrating multiple risk, audit, and compliance processes across global locations
A Globally Recognized Hospital Strengthens Its Compliance and Privacy Program
Faced with regulations like HIPAA, HITECH and numerous other regulations, the hospital strengthened its compliance and privacy program initiatives by adopting MetricStream's comprehensive audit, issue and remediation management solution.
A Large Fortune 500 Retailer Strengthens Enterprise-Wide Corporate, AML, and HR Compliance
The MetricStream solution will help manage compliance surveys, trigger store visits and audits, notify personnel of assignments, and maintain all compliance and employee records in a central database.
A Large Fortune 500 Retailer Streamlines Product Labeling Compliance and Product Recall Management
The MetricStream solution is enabling the client to efficiently manage various legal and regulatory compliance requirements and issues. For product recalls and labeling compliance, the solution facilitates a streamlined and efficient approach to identifying, investigating, and resolving each issue before it gets out of control.
One of the World’s Largest Chemical Manufacturers Synchronizes and Standardizes Compliance, Audit, and Risk Management
MetricStream implemented a GRC solution that scales across the enterprise, integrating and streamlining the complete range of compliance, audit, and risk initiatives in a single framework.
A Major Aluminum Manufacturer in the Middle East Strengthens Enterprise Risk Management, Enabling Compliance with ISO 31000 Standards
MetricStream implements a robust ERM solution that integrates and aligns risk management initiatives across the company´s large global enterprise.
Constellation Energy Builds a Strong Governance, Risk and Compliance Foundation
Constellation Energy, one of the largest Energy & Utility companies in the United States, implemented MetricStream GRC platform, Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Audit and Policy Management solutions to foster a culture of greater risk awareness and to incorporate strategic risk management into management decision making while simultaneously ensuring compliance with industry and corporate standards.
A Leading Wholesale Cooperative Bank Strengthens Proactiveness, Resource-efficiency and Transparency of Risk, Compliance and Audit Management Processes
The MetricStream solution provided the bank with a unique blend of content and technology that enables a holistic approach to risk, compliance and audit management.
A Leading Cooperative Bank Integrates, Streamlines and Automates IT-GRC Management
MetricStream provided the bank a comprehensive solution for IT-GRC that included IT Policy, IT Risk, IT Compliance, IT Audit and IT Issue Management capabilities.
A Global Semiconductor Leader Unifies and Accelerates Product Quality Assurance Management across the Enterprise
MetricStream Product Quality Assurance Solution was the choice based on its flexibility, comprehensive reporting capabilities, automation, and ability to unify varied quality-based processes across the global enterprise.
A Large Cooperative Bank Integrates GRC Processes for Superior Management of Risk, IT Compliance and SOx Programs
MetricStream provided the bank comprehensive solutions to manage overall risk and IT compliance - with capabilities for policy management, issue management and SOx compliance.
Payment Giant Automates Internal Audit Management for Improved Visibility, Risk Mitigation, and Resource Management
MetricStream delivered to the company its Internal Audit Management solution for risk-based auditing which is a comprehensive, web-based application that includes a common framework, automated workflows, a centralized risk library and specific modules for resource management and issue management.
A Major Financial Organization Builds a Collaborative, Integrated Framework for Proactive Operational Risk Management
MetricStream provided the company a complete Operational Risk Management Solution built on an integrated GRC platform that integrates, streamlines and automates multiple ORM initiatives across the company's subsidiaries.
A Major BCBS Affiliate strengthens its Healthcare Compliance through Automation and Integration
A Leading Healthcare coverage provider implemented MetricStream solution to track regulatory updates and manage the stringent compliance requirements of NAIC MAR and other CMS mandates. The solution helped the Compliance and Ethics Team track and investigates cases and manage policies and procedures.
A Premier Electricity and Natural Gas Distribution Company Enables Continuous NERC Compliance through a Control-based Approach
MetricStream NERC Compliance Management Solution provided the company an integrated and automated approach to NERC Compliance management. The solution provides a centralized framework to manage all NERC standards, requirements, associated processes, assets and controls.
Leading Clinical Research Organization Intensifies Compliance by Automating Audit and Corrective Action
MetricStream helped the company to automate and streamline its audit management and CAPA management for ensuring complete compliance with all applicable regulations and detecting and correcting any adverse events early on.
A Top Global Golf Equipment Manufacturer Strengthens Supplier Quality Compliance through Real-time Monitoring of Inspections and Process Capability
A Top Global Golf Equipment Manufacturer Strengthens Supplier Quality Compliance through Real-time Monitoring of Inspections and Process Capability
Global Healthcare Products Organization Successfully Streamlines and Strengthens Compliance, Enhances Quality
Leading life sciences company automates and streamlines its entire compliance and quality management program with an emphasis on non-conformance issues, change control, CAPA management, and policy and procedure management
A Leading Oil & Gas Company Strengthens and Streamlines Quality Management Process
The company focused on Oil and Gas exploration, as well as drilling, refining and distribution of petroleum products and natural gas uses MetricStream Integrated GRC platform, comprising Audit, Incident and CAPA Management solutions to enhance collaboration and visibility, simplify process management and increase cost efficiency.
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