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One of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers Strengthens Cybersecurity Case Management through an Integrated Approach
One of the World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers Strengthens Cybersecurity Case Management through an Integrated Approach. The App streamlines and automates the case management lifecycle - right from case detection, to analysis, notification, containment, action plan management, and resolution.

Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Company Automates Global Third-Party Risk Assessments for Quicker Results and More Efficient Decision-making
MetricStream delivered a centralized solution that scales across the client's global enterprise, integrating all third-party risk assessment and onboarding processes in a centralized system for complete transparency and visibility.


Vendor Risk Management: From Start to Finish in 12 Weeks with MetricStream GRC Cloud
Zurich Insurance selected the MetricStream VRM solution, deployed over MetricStream GRC Cloud, within 12 weeks. The solution has centralized all vendor governance and risk data in a common database, making it easier for the company to track and mitigate vendor risks and other areas of concerns. The solution has also increased efficiency by replacing spreadsheet-based processes with tightly streamlined and automated workflows.

One of India’s Largest Chemical Manufacturers Achieves an Integrated, Enterprise-wide View of Compliance across Multiple Central and State Regulations 
MetricStream’s solution provided a single, unified system to manage and track compliance across the organization. All regulations, business units, and compliance activities were linked together in the solution to enhance compliance transparency, and to help the client identify and address compliance concerns effectively.

Standardizing Compliance Risk Assessments and Strengthening Reporting
MetricStream partnered with Societe Generale, providing the technology to organize data and help the bank strengthen reporting. By using the MetricStream solution, the bank was be able to view all relevant regulations, procedures, controls, training, risk subjects, and actions plans – providing a truly global overview of compliance risks. 

Leading Financial Services Company Strengthens Compliance with OCC’s Vendor Risk Management Guidelines
The MetricStream Vendor Risk Management solution provided a single point of reference to manage vendor risks, maintain vendor information, conduct due diligence, remediate issues, and generate reports for analysis and decision-making. 

Leading Global Bank Improves Internal Audit Efficiency through an Automated, Risk-based Approach
MetricStream Internal Audit Management Solution has streamlined and automated the internal audit lifecycle across the client’s global enterprise, enabling the audit team now to focus less on cumbersome data entry and reporting tasks, and more on critical audit analysis. 

Fortune 500 Global Bank Improves Regulatory Compliance and Data Quality with MetricStream Regulatory Compliance Management Solution
MetricStream Regulatory Compliance Management Solution enabled the client automate and streamline all of its regulatory compliance initiatives by creating a single point of reference for all regulations and a centralized data repository, thus achieving greater operational excellence.

Oil Super Major Streamlines and Strengthens Enterprise-wide Investigation Management Program with MetricStream Solution
MetricStream Investigation Management Solution, enabled the client to strengthen and streamline its investigation management program by providing a robust system to capture, store, and report all investigation related information on single and secure system.

Risk Management Journey A - Z
Building an integrated and transparent approach to risk management

Minimizing Paperwork and Strengthening Decision-making in Food Quality Audits and Sustainability Performance Management - Woolworths South Africa
Automating workflows, enabling real-time reporting

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Improves Visibility and Efficiency of its Global Audit Programs
MetricStream solution helped the client implement industry best practices for efficient audit execution, and ensured integration of the internal audit process with the risk and compliance management systems.

Fortune 100 Health Care Company Automates Supply Chain Risk Assessments, and Achieves Real-time Risk Visibility
MetricStream Supply Chain Risk Assessment Solution provides a central, Web-based framework to consolidate and map together all supply chain risk assessment data, processes, products, sites, and owners.

Fortune 500 Semiconductor Manufacturer Centralizes Audit Management, Strengthens Visibility into Audit Activities and Data across Multiple Countries
MetricStream Audit Management Solution, helped the client to streamline and automate global audits for optimal resource-efficiency, while also integrating all audit activities and data in a common framework for complete visibility.

Fortune 100 Consumer Electronics Company Establishes a “Single Source of Truth” for Social Compliance and Sustainability Audits across Hundreds of Suppliers Worldwide
MetricStream solution, helped the client to simplify and accelerate their regulatory compliance, SOX, and internal audit processes, while also gaining more visibility into the right data at the right time.

Implementing a Federated Approach to Operational Risk Management
Enabling flexible risk-control self-assessments at the business unit level, while simultaneously rolling up risk data from across business units to provide an integrated risk view at the enterprise level

Building an Integrated & Sustainable Enterprise Risk Management Framework - DUBAL
Improving risk management maturity, strengthening decision-making

Global Investment Management Major Enables an Automated, Streamlined, and Proactive Approach to Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audits
MetricStream solution, helped the client to simplify and accelerate their regulatory compliance, SOX, and internal audit processes, while also gaining more visibility into the right data at the right time

International Financial Services Giant Simplifies SOX Controls Testing, Regulatory Compliance, and Internal Audits; Saves Time and Effort; and Strengthens Decision-making
MetricStream solution, helped the client to simplify and accelerate their regulatory compliance, SOX, and internal audit processes, while also gaining more visibility into the right data at the right time.

Woolworths Integrates and Automates Sustainability Performance Management across their Supply Chain
Woolworths adopted MetricStream solution facilitates a systematic, automated, and integrated approach to the whole sustainability performance management lifecycle - right from registering and onboarding suppliers, to measuring supplier progress through periodic self-assessments and third-party audits, to maintaining supplier data, and managing supplier certifications. 

Major Reinsurance Company Integrates Global Risk and Compliance Processes in a Centralized Framework
MetricStream Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management Solution has enabled the client to implement a systematic and automated approach to risk assessments and scoring, compliance assessments and controls testing, and issue and corrective action management.

Leading Community Bank Improves Enterprise Risk Management Maturity and Efficiency through a Centralized, Cloud-based Solution
The MetricStream solution provided the client with a centralized framework to manage risks across the enterprise in an integrated, standardized, and consistent manner, while automating processes for improved efficiency.

Leading Consumer Goods Company Centralizes Global Audit Programs with MetricStream Audit Management Solution
The MetricStream solution streamlined, integrated, and automated global audit processes and compliance assessments while improving audit visibility, coordination, and control.

Fast-Growing Mid-Sized Financial Services Institution Unifies Risk Processes, and Harmonizes Risk Language across the Enterprise
MetricStream’s cloud based risk management solution is helping the client streamline the full range of their risk management processes, establish a comprehensive risk register and common risk taxonomy, enhance risk visibility, and ensure better regulatory preparedness.

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