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Loss Prevention Management
MetricStream Loss Prevention Management Solution helps retailers to adopt a pro-active approach to loss prevention that not only help identify incidents and exceptions but also helps integrate with risk and audit management programs. The solution enables organizations to establish a sound loss prevention program that work towards averting the losses instead of just reporting losses.

MetricStream Sustainability Management Solution for the Food Industry
MetricStream's Sustainability Management solution enables Food & Beverage companies to streamline their sustainability management process across the supply chain and ensure supplier compliance with sustainability guidelines and regulations. The solution brings together all suppliers in a common framework, making it easier to track their energy consumption and savings, water usage, waste disposal and recycling, soil management, and other metrics.


Compliance Management
MetricStream Compliance Management solution provides a common framework and a federated approach to manage all compliance requirements faced by an organization. It enables companies to manage cross-industry mandates and regulations such as SOx, OSHA, EH&S and FCPA as well as industry focused regulatory guidelines from FDA, FERC, NERC, FAA, HACCP, HIPAA, GLBA, AML, Basel II and Data Retention laws.

Contract Management
Effective contract management has emerged as a crucial function to improve profitability, support compliance and manage risk. MetricStream Contract Management solution enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to managing contracts across the enterprise.

Data Retention
The cost of keeping the old systems running only for data-retention and access to ensure compliance with the regulations is very high. MetricStream Data Retention Solution is a comprehensive solution to enable consistent and cost-effective management of data and document retention.

Dietary Supplements Solution Sheet
Although the industry strives to regulate itself to meet high quality standards, there is increasing involvement of the FDA and tighter regulations are being proposed. Leading companies are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with MetricStream solutions to automate their quality management processes, gain real-time visibility into their quality metrics, lower their cost of regulatory compliance and reduce their risk of non-compliance.

Document Management
Be it SOPs, batch records, regulatory filing, or quality reports, inability to manage the increasing number of documents can be a bottleneck in a growing enterprise. MetricStream Document Management module enables companies to adopt an electronic and automated approach to managing documents across the enterprise.

Emission Management Solution Sheet
The MetricStream solution for emission management enables an organization to manage, measure and report on environmental indicators by implementing an integrated emission management program and streamlining all the underlying business processes.

Equipment Management
quality requirements for product and processes quality and reducing the risk of noncompliance. MetricStream Equipment Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to effectively manage equipment maintenance, repair and calibration.

GRC Solution Sheet
deploying a single system that supports a federated organizational approach to managing the multiple GRC initiatives, compliance effectiveness can be increased while cost of compliance is reduced.

Healthcare Solution Sheet
Technology and innovation are playing central role in how healthcare companies are streamlining operational practices, service delivery procedures and records management while meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards such as JCAHO, HIPAA and other national and state regulations for patient safety. MetricStream provides industry’s most advanced and comprehensive suite of solutions to support compliance and quality programs for healthcare service providers.

Inspections Management
Though every quality department collects this data by conducting inspections, inability to analyze this data in a timely manner limits quality managers' access to critical and actionable information. MetricStream Inspection Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to maintain a consistent and systematic process for collecting, analyzing and plotting key inspection data to detect variances and identify nonconformance in incoming components and finished products.

Internal Audit
Effective risk management and compliance with regulations and policies drive the need for ongoing auditing in organizations. MetricStream's Internal Audit Management solution is a comprehensive application designed to help companies manage a wide range of audit-related activities, data and processes.

Case Management
By taking an integrated process approach and deploying a single system for issue management initiatives, compliance effectiveness can be increased while cost of compliance is reduced. MetricStream solution for Case, Incident and Complaint Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to establish and follow consistent procedures for issue capture, exception logging, loss event tracking, task management and status reporting.

IT Audits and Compliance
Successful IT organizations are built on a solid framework of data and information with well-defined internal controls that enable companies to identify and manage their IT related risks. MetricStream provides a comprehensive solution for IT Audits and Compliance. Designed to support the COBIT framework and built on the MetricStream Enterprise Compliance Platform, the solution ensures sustained compliance of IT controls at significantly lower costs.

Nonconformance Management
Managing material and process nonconformance to minimize its impact on the product quality and ensuring that the cause of the nonconformance is uncovered and eliminated is one of the central functions of an organization's quality unit. The MetricStream solution supports identification, evaluation, segregation and disposition of nonconforming material as well as case investigation and tracking, possibly leading to a corrective action (CAPA).

OOS Datasheet
Evaluating suspect or out-of-specification (OOS) test results that fall outside the specifications or acceptance criteria for active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products is mandated by FDA’s cGMP guidelines and is a key responsibility of the laboratory and quality personnel in a pharmaceutical company. MetricStream OOS Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to establish and follow consistent procedures for managing OOS incidents.

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