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Energy companies are faced with a proliferation of compliance requirements from a growing number of regulatory bodies that impose oversight and reporting requirements. Regulatory requirements include: Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOx), FERC and NERC regulations (Federal Energy Regulation Commission and North American Electric Reliability Commission) and requirements from state and regional bodies. All business functions are impacted operationally as well as strategically.

MetricStream offers an integrated solution forsuccessfully meeting these requirements while lowering the associated costs that can otherwise be substantial. MetricStream Enterprise Compliance Platform, a proven infrastructure for building compliance applications, provides core modules and services to automate and streamline compliance processes for companies in the energy sector. Leading companies are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with the MetricStream solution to automate their compliance management processes, gain real-time visibility into their risk profile, lower their cost of regulatory compliance and reduce their risk of non-compliance.