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GRC Solutions for Mid-Tier Banks

The Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance Management, and Regulatory Examination Solution from MetricStream comes pre-packaged with industry standards, best practices and content

Mid-tier banks face a challenging, competitive environment today. Competing with the resource-rich giants of the financial industry, they need to be agile, deliver value to their customers, and maximize ROI at every step. Navigating this environment with disintegrated business units and disparate systems for Risk, Audit and Compliance can prove to be inefficient, costly and unsustainable. The use of manual processes and multiple spreadsheets to manage risk, audit and compliance programs will cause redundancies, increase inefficiencies and drive costs.

MetricStream provides solution to help the mid-tier banks improve productivity, remove manual process and reduce cost through specific modules on:

  • Internal Audit
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Exam Management

These specific solutions are specifically designed, developed, packaged and priced for the mid-tier banks.

Key Benefits

  • Out-of-Box Functionality: A highly matured product with well defined workflows, embedded best practices and aligned to industry standards.
  • Pre-loaded Content: Includes Industry Regulations, Risk Taxonomy and KRI Library that is linked to business process and product lines.
  • Quick Deployment: Implementation can be completed within weeks either on-premises or on-hosted model.
  • Flexible Pricing: Available on perpetual as well as subscription model specifically for the mid-tier
  • Easy to use: Provides a very simplified and highly intuitive user interface that is easy to adapt and use


GRC Solution Designed, Developed, & Priced for Mid-Tier Banks and Financial Institutes


Recorded Webinar: Rethinking Operational Risk
Expert Speaker: Christopher E. Mandel
September 28, 2011

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