High Tech

High- tech companies are facing a growing mix of complex products, shorter product lifecycles, and an increasingly competitive environment. Product quality and reliability, operational excellence, supply chain performance, customer loyalty, and product lifecycle management processes are critical for improving bottom-line costs and delivering top-line growth. Effective programs for quality management, regulatory compliance, risk management,and corporate governance can add value across business processes in the value chain, and enable high-tech companies to deliver differentiated products and build a sustainable business.

MetricStream High-tech Solutions

MetricStream offers the industry's most advanced and comprehensive suite of GRC and quality management solutions ideally suited to multi-site manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and assembly operations in the high-tech industry. Leading semiconductor , component, and hardware companies are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with MetricStream solutions to:

  • Automate internal and supplier quality processes, and streamline the management of quality issues reported by customers
  • Manage operational excellence in manufacturing and supply chain processes through product and process quality initiatives and continuous improvement programs
  • Manage process quality through the adoption of industry standards and quality methodologies such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, Lean manufacturing, failure analysis, root cause analyses, and Six Sigma
  • Enable critical processes and quality metrics for customer quality management and product change notifications
  • Manage quality processes in product innovation and lifecycle management such as product testing and documentation for manuals and instructions
  • Adopt global supply chain governance to manage supplier quality, performance, and supplier risk management
  • Implement corporate social responsibility initiatives through RoHS/WEEE compliance, emission management, and waste management
  • Adopt a safe work environment and reduce the risk of occupational safety and hazards through EH&S programs

Benefits of MetricStream Solutions:

Faster Time-to-market: The solution accelerates product development and time-to-market by providing real-time visibility into the quality management process and its key performance metrics.

Reduced Costs: The solution lowers the costs or poor quality (COPQ) in the form of production downtimes, product recalls, and warranty costs by building operational efficiencies into quality and compliance systems.

Improved Product Quality: Organizations can proactively identify, track and resolve quality issues by creating a transparent environment where decisions are based on hard facts and metrics.

Stronger Compliance:  Quality management can be integrated to ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, customer mandates, and internal policies.

Higher Customer Loyalty: The solution improves customer retention and satisfaction by rapidly resolving product quality issues reported by customers in a consistent and predictable manner.

Enhanced Supplier Relationships:  Performance results and areas for improvement with suppliers can be monitored and shared to lower the cost of poor quality and strengthen supplier relationships.