Implement industry best practices and proven methodologies



Each industry has its own unique set of compliance challenges, risks, and quality mandates. MetricStream solutions are designed to deliver specific functionalities based on best practices adopted within an industry.

The MetricStream solution suite includes products tailored for automating the compliance and quality practices in diverse markets including pharmaceutical, medical device, high tech manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverages, and automotive industries.

In addition to supporting industry-specific regulatory guidelines from FDA, FERC, FAA, HACCP, OMB A-123, AML, Basel II, and Data Retention laws, MetricStream solutions provide cross-industry offerings to support corporate governance and risk management programs as well as mandates and regulations such as OSHA, EH&S, FCPA, and ISO standards that apply to a wide range of industries.

MetricStream uniquely combines software and content to deliver solutions that are embedded with best practices templates, access to compliance training programs, and the ability to integrate business processes with regulatory notifications and industry alerts.

Leading companies have chosen MetricStream to manage their governance, risk, compliance, and quality related business processes.

Benefits of MetricStream Solutions:

Integrated Processes: Organizations can seamlessly exchange data within inter-related processes, and track issues and activities across compliance and quality functions for a closed-loop approach.

System of Record:  A single system of record is provided for entire compliance initiatives across business units and functional boundaries.

Embedded Best Practices: Regulation-specific functionalities based on industry best practices are ready to be used out of the box.

Content Driven Automation: The solution enables content driven business processes with access to compliance training programs, standards and templates, and regulatory notifications and industry alerts.

Data-driven Risk Management: The solution provides real-time visibility and easy access to compliance process metrics with tools for data analysis and reporting.

Electronic Record-keeping: A central repository helps capture and manage records of all business processes with access controls, collaboration tools, and electronic sign-offs.

Automated Workflows:  Cycle times are accelerated as cases and information are routed from one stage to the next supported by rule-based notifications, alerts, escalations, and task assignments.

Enterprise Compliance Platform: Robust technology architecture supports all compliance, risk, and quality processes in an integrated and consistent manner.

Solution Configurability: Tools are provided to model solutions based on existing business practices, scale up as required, and adapt to changing processes.