The increased focus on directors' and executives' roles and responsibilities calls for systematic frameworks to implement critical corporate governance principles on ethics, codes of conduct, compensation, financial policies, and financial reporting. Organizations are looking for sophisticated corporate governance solutions to set business priorities and develop risk management strategies.

MetricStream Corporate Governance Solution

MetricStream provides a flexible framework to streamline governance programs, ensure corporate governance compliance, and improve accountability and communication. The solution helps ensure the adoption of corporate governance principles and best practices. It also supports enterprise risk management, policy documentation and change management, and communication and awareness programs . Powerful tools such as balanced scorecards and risk heat mapsare provided for performance monitoring and decision support.

The system streamlines various CCO-level oversight programs, policies, procedure management, surveys, certification processes, and training mandates. It also facilitates compliance with regulations such as SOX, Anti Money Laundering, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Company Ethics, Stock Options Grants, Consumer Privacy, and the Patriot Act.

MetricStream uniquely combines software and content to deliver the corporate governance solution with embedded best practice templates, access to training content from an expert community, and integration of business processes with regulatory notifications and industry alerts.


  • Increases Shareholder Value: Good corporate governance translates to better brand reputation, resulting in stock price premiums.
  • Improves Control and Visibility: Compliance dashboards and data analytics provide control over and visibility into compliance related business operations. They also lower risk exposure.
  • Reduces Compliance Costs: Integrated corporate governance, risk management, and compliance processes lead to significantly lower compliance and governance costs.
  • Improves Business Performance: Progressive governance practices and robust risk management lead to better operational performance.
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