Buildings significantly contribute to climate change and Green House gas emissions. They consume energy for maintenance and operations of subsystems such as HVAC, UPS, and lighting. Organizations can create a sustainable environment by managing and controlling energy costs though a Governance, Risk, and Compliance approach.

Traditional building subsystems offer decentralized information systems for cooling requirements, UPS power consumption, etc. They provide metered information on the daily or hourly consumption of energy, but lack the capability to help organizations take decisions on rising energy costs and reduction of carbon foot print.

Modern  buildings support intelligent middleware platforms for the advanced deployment of a full Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) through integration with third-party legacy protocols like LonWorks or IP networks. The system can integrate with and extract data from HVAC, lighting, or electrical systems. It offers benefits to record and perform trend analyses of energy requirements on every component of the building, and anticipate energy demand.


  • Provides dashboard and reporting capabilities to analyze energy demand trends
  • Helps build components and predict future energy requirements and associated costs
  • Enables energy audits to maintain compliance with environment management or regulatory requirements
  • Helps develop and manage compliance programs for building energy costs
  • Identifies and mitigates risks from energy demand and price, regulatory compliance, and environmental policies and processes
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