The growing complexity of products, a global supply base, and stringent customer requirements are driving the need for continuous improvement in any process - be it manufacturing, transactional, or services delivery. Many organizations are employing the Six Sigma methodology for a data-driven, systematic, and customer-focused approach to problem solving.

MetricStream Six Sigma Software Solution

MetricStream offers a comprehensive software solution for effective Six Sigma management. The solution streamlines the processes and activities for DMAIC and DMADV methodologies. It also enables companies to create a transparent environment for proactively defining process improvement goals, measuring performance, analyzing process metrics and data, improving processes, controlling variances, and verifying successful implementation.

The solution supports multi-level role-based organizational models that map to key roles for successful Six Sigma implementation and management. Cross-functional investigations and root cause analysis are enabled to identify areas of improvements. Six Sigma program managers can chalk out and execute the detailed action plans with well-defined timelines and responsibilities. The solution also allows the Six Sigma team to audit processes, and ensure that the improvements have been implemented.

Role-based dashboards, control diagrams, Pareto charts, and scorecards provide the analytical framework essential for Six Sigma programs. Users can drill down to deeper levels of information with a single click to access the data at finer levels of detail. The solution has the ability to track process ownership, task assignments, implementation status, etc. on graphical charts with real-time information.

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