Risk Intelligence for the New Era of Big Data
Implement industry best practices and proven methodologies

MetricStream Harnesses Big Data to Deliver Risk Intelligence

Organizations can capitalize on Big Data to strengthen risk management and streamline regulatory compliance leveraging vast and growing amounts of data they now have access to. MetricStream enables customers to capture, extract and analyze Big Data and delivering Risk Intelligence that helps improve business strategy, operations and performance.

Whether a consumer brand strengthening its reputation by monitoring social media, a hospital improving patient safety based on health records or a bank fighting fraud by analyzing trades, MetricStream GRC Platform provides the unique ability to tackle massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. MetricStream customers can tap into Big Data sources such as social media, location, multimedia, text, documents, surveillance, medical records, videos, e-commerce, emails, voice, audio transcripts, stock trades, transaction logs, geospatial data and weblogs.

Big Data Integration for GRC


MetricStream Infolet integration technology supports Hadoop framework to streamline, simplify and accelerate Big Bata capture, integration and processing so that customers can derive risk intelligence from the vast amount of data coming from diverse sources in structured and unstructured formats.

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Risk and Compliance in the Age of Social Media

Social Compliance

MetricStream Big Data capability extends to various social networks for keyword and rule-based risk and compliance monitoring and analysis to protect confidential data and sensitive information, monitor slander and damaging comments and enforde access and data upload controls.

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Managing Big Risks in the New Era of Big Data


Big Data Analytics opens up new frontiers in Risk Intelligence, giving organizations the ability to distinguish between risks that must be avoided, and risks that must be taken. Watch our webinar featuring Data Governance and Data Quality Practitioners discuss how decision-making is impacted by organization’s Information Governance Strategy and overall quality of data.

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