GRC Cloud

GRC Cloud is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to get your GRC applications up and running. Built on state-of-the-art Virtualization and Private Cloud technologies, GRC Cloud offers unmatched reliability, security and flexibility to support a wide range of customer requirements.

  • Complete Flexibility, Security and Control
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Agile Deployments for Faster Time to Value
  • High Performance and Scalable Solution
  • State-of-the-art SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Centers

Serving corporations in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services across the globe, GRC Cloud offers highly secure and scalable private cloud capabilities which are compliant with various international, national and regional regulations on record keeping, privacy, and protection of the quality and integrity of data.

Accelerate Time to Value with GRC Cloud

GRC Cloud can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes - pre-IPO companies, mid-sized enterprises, Fortune 500 corporations and global organizations to realize ROI faster from their GRC Applications. MetricStream offers multiple GRC Cloud options to suit the needs of companies across all verticals. Learn more about Express, Standard, Premium and Enterprise levels of GRC Cloud.

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Architect Secure and Reliable GRC Cloud

MetricStream GRC Cloud offers state of art SSAE-16 compliant data centers worldwide which can deliver the highest available levels of security, reliability and operational control. The GRC Cloud architecture leverages Virtualized and Private Cloud environments, data encryption, multilayer authentication and access control and robust business continuity options to secure customer information.

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Select the Right Cloud Infrastructure

Download this webinar with MetricStream GRC Cloud experts to understand how to evaluate a Cloud solution provider. Topics covered include how virtualization and dedicated private clouds differ from multi-tenant environments, the importance of controls like SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, Safe Harbor and Vulnerability Audits and Appropriate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Methodologies.

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