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IIA Northeastern Regional Conference
September 7-10, 2014
Brooklyn, NY

MetricStream to showcase its comprehensive solutions for Internal Audit at the IIA Northeastern Regional Conference in Brooklyn, NY. Attendees at this event will get the opportunity to learn effective tools to define enterprise wide internal audit plan. The event will also focus on specialized topics and challenges facing the financial services, retail, and health care industries.

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit
September 8-9, 2014
London, UK

The Security & Risk Management Summit aims to provide a comprehensive outlook into the full spectrum of security and risk management, emerging trends and market scopes. Senior IT professionals from the Security, Risk and Business Continuity Management functions will convene at the event to exchange ideas on challenges and best practices to best manage and enhance core competencies. MetricStream will showcase its IT GRC, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Enterprise GRC Solutions at this event.

2014 PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference
September 8-10, 2014
Washington D.C

MetricStream to showcase its comprehensive regulatory compliance risk management and quality solutions at the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference. The conference focuses on product quality, regulatory challenges and opportunities and Lifecycle management for the life science Industry.

7th Annual Federal Enterprise Risk Management Summit
September 09, 2014
Arlington, VA

Timothy Schmutzler, Regional VP GRC Solutions at MetricStream to lead a discussion on the topic ‘ERM/Organizational Strategy and Performance’ at the Annual AFERM Summit in Arlington VA. MetricStream will also showcase its comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management solution at the two day event.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Roundtable
September 10, 2014
Doha, QA

MetricStream will be hosting a Governance, Risk & Compliance Roundtable in Doha, Qatar. The event is titled as a " The GRC Journey - Integrating the Roles of Governance, Risk and Compliance ". This roundtable, free to attend and by invitation only, will have some of the industry's top GRC subject matter experts and research analysts from a selection of the top organizations from Singapore and share their views and best practices on current risk and compliance management issues

Governance, Risk and Compliance Roundtable
September 11, 2014
Brussels, BE

MetricStream will be hosting a Governance, Risk & Compliance Roundtable in Brussels, Belgium for the Benelux region. The roundtable will focus on discussions on Third party & Vendor Risk Management and Integrated GRC and will have some of the industry's top GRC subject matter experts and research analysts convening to share their views and best practices on the topics.

13th Annual SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute
September 14-17, 2014
Chicago, IL

MetricStream to showcase its Legal and Corporate Compliance Management Solutions at the 13th Annual Compliance and Ethics Institute, organized by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). Experienced compliance professionals from leading organizations will explore the real - world compliance issues, practical application, emerging trends and industry hot topics.

RMA Operational Risk Management Discussion Group
September 16-17, 2014
Chicago, IL

MetricStream will co-host the RMA Operational Risk Management Discussion Group on September 16-17 in Chicago, IL. Susan Palm, VP GRC Financial Services at MetricStream will lead a panel discussion on ‘Regulatory Examination and Model Management’. The session also will shed light on the ways to deal with the potential issues arising during the examination, importance of these regulatory examinations along with assessment and significance of well-defined model risk management for financial institutions.

RMA NY Roundtable: Cybersecurity - A Critical Element to Enterprise Risk Management
September 17, 2014
New York City, NY

MetricStream executive will lead the panel discussion ‘Cyber Security A Critical Element to Enterprise Risk Management’ at the GRC roundtable organized by the Risk Management Association in New York. The event will bring together senior risk professionals to discuss the key components required for an effective risk management for increasing cyber security threats.

Industry Risk & Audit Roundtable
September 18, 2014
Sydney, AU

MetricStream ‘s next Industry Risk and Audit Roundtable will be held in Sydney, Australia for the Oceania region. Risk professionals, Audit practitioners will be invited to participate in discussions which will center around integrating risk, audit quality, and improving business value with the industry’s top GRC subject matter experts.

MetricStream GRC Journey Roundtable
September 24, 2014
New York City, NY

MetricStream’s GRC Journey roundtable creates a blueprint for success by distilling best insights and experience derived from industry stalwarts who have taken the GRC Journey, and know what it takes to be successful, and to accelerate time-to-value. The Roundtable will feature speakers from GRC 20/20, Johnson and Johnson and Hudson City Savings Bank. Through the GRC Journey workshop, we will help you realize immediate value, while also enabling you to build a solid GRC foundation that will support long-term goals.

MetricStream Supplier Governance Roundtable
September 25, 2014
Palo Alto, CA

MetricStream announces the second Supplier Governance Roundtable in Palo Alto, CA on September 12th. The roundtable will focus on themes around supplier risk management, third party due diligence, methods to enhance stewardship and ensure product compliance. The roundtable will bring together prominent Supply Chain, Sourcing, Procurement, Sustainability and Compliance executives from leading organizations on the West Coast

14th EICC Conflict Free- Sourcing Initiative Workshop
September 29-30, 2014
Burlingame, CA

Sonal Sinha, Associate VP of Industry Solutions at MetricStream will speak on the topic ‘Options for Supply Chain Data Management’ at the 14th EICC Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative workshop. MetricStream to also showcase its supplier governance and conflict minerals solutions at the two day event.

RMA Operational Risk Management Discussion Group
October 1-2, 2014
San Francisco, CA

As a co-host at the RMA Operational Risk Management Discussion group on October 1-2,2014 in San Francisco, CA, MetricStream will moderate a discussion on the importance of a controlled structure to build a resilient framework for risk model management for present and evolving risks, within an organization. The session will also highlight the primary challenges and significance of regulatory examinations for the financial institutions.

ECOA 22nd Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference
October 1-3, 2014
Atlanta, GA

MetricStream to showcase its integrated Legal and Corporate compliance management solutions at the 22nd Annual Ethics and Compliance conference. The conference has dedicated tracks to address the reporting and governance structure, risk assessment, program planning and evaluation within an organization.

MetricStream GRC Summit 2014 Europe - Navigating Your GRC Journey
October 20-21, 2014
London, UK

GRC Journey is MetricStream's vision for the future, representing our desire to help organizations build compliant, well-governed, risk-aware cultures, and to ultimately enable individuals, businesses, societies, and governments to thrive on risk.The MetricStream GRC Summit Europe 2014 will bring together thought leaders, analysts, partners, and customers who are leading the way in GRC.

IIA All Star Conference
October 28-30, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

MetricStream to showcase its integrated internal audit, risk and compliance management solutions at the All Star Conference hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditor. The sessions focus on the methods to improve efficiency of the internal audit function and help in streamlining business processes. Industry experts will also share strategic insights towards aligning the IA role with the organization’s key objectives.

SIFMA IAS Annual Conference
November 2-5, 2014
Fort Lauderdale, FL

MetricStream will showcase its comprehensive internal audit and GRC solutions at the SIFMA IAS Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The conference will gather together leaders of the financial industry to share perspectives on the principles that are crucial to Internal Audit profession and will also share ideas to implement an effective risk management within the enterprise.

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