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ITT Cannon implements MetricStream's EPM platform for enterprise-wide business process improvement

ITT Cannon is a global provider of various types of connectors, switches for consumer goods and fiber optic networks. ITT Cannon offers complete engineering, manufacturing and customer service capabilities through its extensive operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In order to gain process visibility and closed-loop control over the financial, operational, workforce and customer satisfaction metrics, ITT Cannon initiated a multi-site initiative to implement real-time executive dashboards. Bernard Poulain, President of ITT Cannon Asia Pacific explains the success, - "MetricStream is providing best-in-class continuous improvement for us. Thanks to their EPM platform, ITT Cannon users will for the first time have access to personalized real-time dashboards - and they can now visualize key financial and operational metrics. More importantly, our users are proactively alerted and assigned specific tasks that guide them through problem resolution. We are looking forward to leveraging the MetricStream solution to improve all our key business processes and as a result, improve overall profitability and customer satisfaction."

MetricStream*EPM provided not only easy integration to existing Manufacturing, ERP and budgeting/planning systems, but also provided process control capabilities with which executives could model the resolution process to be initiated when a key metric violated a user-defined threshold. Implementing such closed loop control over key enterprise performance metrics such as sales, orders, customer complaints and key process sigma allowed executives to not only measure performance but also drive continuous improvement. "The EPM platform's functionality is ideally suited to ITT's business processes," said Ramana Mulpury, Chief Technology Officer and President of MetricStream. "The adoption of our software platform will translate to tangible benefits such as increased operational efficiency higher levels of internal quality."

About ITT Cannon
Cannon is part of ITT Industries, Inc., a $4.8 billion global engineering and manufacturing company. ITT Industries, Cannon ( is an international supplier of connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies, switches, dome arrays, keypads, multi-function grips, panel switch assemblies, I/O card kits, smart card systems and LAN components, as well as a provider of high-speed/high-bandwidth network systems and services.

About MetricStream
MetricStream is an enterprise software company that provides the first truly unified Enterprise Quality Management System for Global corporations. MetricStream provides a scaleable and extensible Web based solution to address business processes and business events. MetricStream's Quality Management software, Quality*Stream is built on MetricStream's flagship patent pending EPM Platform technology.

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