Change Management Software Solution
Follow a structured methodology and gain real-time visibility


Change Management

Though companies strive for stability and consistency in their operations, changes in procedures, business processes, and product designs are unavoidable. The need for robust change control processes is well understood; however, powerful automation and collaboration tools are required to successfully manage change. The traditional approach of using paper-based, manual, and ad-hoc processes for change management is often error prone, unreliable, and ultimately unsustainable. An enterprise-wide change management solution is a key requirement for managing and controlling change for operational excellence as well as regulatory compliance.

MetricStream Change Management Software Solution

MetricStream provides a comprehensive software solution for change management and control across departments and functions. The real-time visibility provided by the change management solution enables organizations to follow a structured methodology for each change request, and track it through its lifecycle from initiation through verification to closure. The solution also ensures that the change is disseminated to all concerned entities, and leads to the intended outcome. When used in conjunction with quality processes for CAPA, document management, training, etc., the change management and control solution can be a powerful tool for continuous improvement in the organization.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Helps define and implement standard change management and control processes across the enterprise
  • Accelerates change processes as tasks are automatically assigned and tracked from one stage to the next
  • Identifies the impact and risk of changes on the business to avoid unintended outcomes
  • Improves coordination in change execution across departments while centrally tracking changes to avoid errors and redundancies