Issue Management Software


Issue Management

Managing issues such as non-conformance, exceptions, loss-events, and process deviations is one of the central functions of an organization's quality, compliance, and risk management units. Relying on stand-alone point solutions or paper-based processes to manage issues is ineffective, as they fail to address systemic problems due to a lack of broad enterprise reach and visibility. To successfully handle issues, managers need powerful automation and collaboration tools that span departments.

Issue & Tracking Management Software Solution

MetricStream Issue Management Solution enables companies to establish and follow consistent procedures for issue capture, loss event tracking, task management, and status reporting. The solution supports the identification and evaluation of issues as well as case investigation and tracking, and remediation or corrective action. Powerful analytics along with an issue tracking and reporting functionality give managers complete and real-time visibility into the quality and compliance system, and provide critical information for reducing the risk of non-compliance.

The system also supports regulatory reporting and submission with decision trees that identify reportable events.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Accelerates issue recording, review, and approval cycles as incidents automatically move from one stage to the next
  • Reduces repeat occurrence with consistent and closed-loop investigation, remedial, and corrective action
  • Improves communication and teamwork on exception cases across departments and functional areas
  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility into the status of issues, incidents, and tracking metrics