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GRC Platform

The MetricStream GRC Platform is the underlying infrastructure for all MetricStream solutions. Built on the J2EE architecture, the Platform provides core services that enable rapid development and deployment of web-based applications that drive enterprise process management for Governance, Risk, Compliance and Quality programs.

Business processes within companies are increasingly being driven by the need to ensure compliance with various regulatory mandates, risk assurance policies and quality standards. MetricStream GRC Platform provides a common framework for supporting all risk, compliance and quality management processes in a company and driving effective risk management and corporate governance. Solutions built and deployed on the platform tightly integrate together to give the users and management a seamless environment which functions as a single system for managing risk, regulatory and compliance related processes, issues, and data.

By adopting MetricStream GRC Platform, customers see tangible business benefits from consistent and closed-loop processes across sites and functions, real-time visibility and easy access to risk and compliance data, and a collaborative environment for improved co-ordination between teams.

New in Version 6
MetricStream GRC Platform Version 6 is packed with features and enhancements for greater ROI for customers.

Flexible and Extensible GRC Data Model: MetricStream GRC Platform 6 now includes the GRC Foundation - an extensive set of libraries for risks, controls, processes, policies, assets, organizations, regulations and other GRC elements. These entities are highly configurable, and can have attributes, relationships and workflows defined centrally and leveraged across the enterprise.

Intuitive User Experience and Collaboration: MetricStream GRC Platform 6 introduces a new level of simplicity and ease-of-use to enable successful adoption of GRC applications among users across the enterprise. The platform includes new usability standards for improved navigation and easy access to contextual information. It also enables highly intuitive visualization of relationships between organizations, processes, risks, controls and regulations.

Enhanced Security and Access Management: The Platform contains a highly configurable and flexible security model for administering access and security to application users. Security administrators can enable or restrict access to various GRC library objects with a strong two-step definition process.

The system contains robust capabilities for security, access controls, identity management, audit trails, electronic signatures, encryption, authorization and authentication. These capabilities ensure compliance with various international, national and regional regulations on record keeping, privacy, and protection of the quality and integrity of data (such as HIPAA, PCI and 21 CFR Part 11).

Linking GRC with Business Performance: The platform enables performance management and decision making through business intelligence and analytics based on GRC information and data. This capability is designed to generate insights that business line managers can use to identify risks as well as opportunities in their day-to-day operations.

Using the MetricStream GRC platform, customers can acquire high benefits from built-in system functions that include:

  • AppStudio - a suite of high-level application building blocks, developer tools, system utilities and component libraries for application development, configuration, deployment and maintenance
  • Extensible framework to build applications as per business requirements
  • Email engine for delivering event-based notifications, alerts, and escalations
  • Integration engine named Infolets to seamlessly connect to external systems and support Hadoop framework to streamline, simplify and accelerate Big Bata capture, integration and processing
  • Mobility Solutions to provide users with multiple modes of access to information from mobiles and tablets
  • Multi-level role-based access controls with support for hierarchy-based organizational models and org-role pairings
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting features to provides system alerts, activity reports and traceable logs for easy system administration
  • Process Flow Designer to facilitate application design and development by graphically modeling business processes
  • Reporting engine for powerful reports and executive dashboards that provide data analytics and business intelligence in real-time
  • Reports Wizard functionality to build custom reports without any programming
  • Robust security infrastructure by supporting the current standard and best practices
  • Unique Offline Briefcase functionality available on tablets and handheld devices to conduct audits and gather information at remote factories, supplier locations, and retail stores
  • Workflow Engine to manage and support business processes based on industry best practices

Our Application (GRC Platform) (Version 6) supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Weblogic Server 11g R1,Oracle solaris 11, Oracle VM 3.0, Oracle Exadata database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and SPARC Super Cluster.