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Regulatory Reporting

Most regulatory compliance programs require detailed reporting based on prescribed guidelines. The reporting can be periodic or event based. And while certain agencies provide comprehensive reporting formats and data exchange standards, some reporting requirements can be met by filing survey results and certifications.

Formal surveys and certifications are conducted to affirm the accuracy, awareness, and truthfulness of information and data. However, distributing surveys and gathering responses across various departments, locations, and business units can be tedious and error prone. Moreover, surveys and certifications for regulations such as SOX 302, as well as company ethics policies have to be integrated with the overall compliance and regulatory reporting process.

MetricStream Regulatory Reporting Solution

MetricStream Regulatory Reporting Solution provides a systematic mechanism for managing surveys and certifications in a consistent, reliable, and predictable manner. The solution ensures accountability by streamlining the flow of information and records, and documenting attestations and representations at appropriate stages.

The system provides the capability to configure and execute surveys, certifications, and self-assessments based on predefined templates and schedules for designated executives. It supports electronic sign-offs at departmental and functional levels and rolls them up for executive certifications.

The solution also supports procedures for affirming the strength of internal controls and adherence to policies. This information is routed to the executive management team who can review and certify the risk and control assessments for the enterprise, in compliance with requirements such a SOX 302.

The regulatory reporting solution also provides decision tree and workflow functionality to identify reportable events and the type of regulatory reports that needs to be filed. The process of reporting is simplified as the system automatically generates mandatory reports in formats and layouts prescribed by the agencies. The reports are generated in standard file types such as MS Word, and can be reviewed before being submitted.