MetricStream GDPR Compliance Solution

Organizations are increasingly being held liable for the protection of data and personal details relating to employees and customers. One of the most important data security regulations to emerge in recent times is Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires businesses operating in the EU or handling the personal data of EU residents to have well-defined measures in place to secure personal data. GDPR helps ensure that there is a single set of data protection rules across the EU. It issues a wide range of requirements to safeguard personal data, and requires that organizations implement technical infrastructure to collect, store, and process this data, thereby ensuring effective data governance.

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MetricStream IT GRC Solution for GDPR Compliance

MetricStream offers a comprehensive GDPR compliance software solution that helps you align business objectives with data privacy, security, and governance, while making it easy to prioritize steps towards complying with GDPR. The solution enables a risk-based approach to GDPR compliance, and addresses key requirements, including Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs). It also highlights data protection gaps, and helps implement appropriate technical and organizational controls.

Through the solution’s centralized repository, you can document assets and processes in the organization where personal data is stored. You can also conduct risk assessments on these processes/ assets, manage control assessments and testing, identify issues based on the results of the risk and control assessments, and trigger issue remediation plans.


  • Gain a centralized repository/ library of articles, controls, and requirements for GDPR compliance
  • Establish an integrated framework to conduct Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) through surveys and questionnaires
  • Enable the implementation of robust data privacy processes and controls
  • Generate delta control reports, as well as other reports and dashboards to assess GDPR compliance
  • Effective manage issues generated from risk and control assessments
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