IT Asset Management
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IT Asset Risk Assessment

IT Risk assessment process for information technology assets should be planned, executed and monitored on real-time basis to meet requirements of regulations and frameworks. Risk assessment can be a very powerful tool to analyze and mitigate threats to the information technology assets from various sources such as natural disasters, employees, hackers, the Internet, equipment or service malfunction or breakdown.

IT risk assessment should include core processes such as information gathering, analysis, and determination of security vulnerabilities within the organization's hardware and software environment, and information technology practices. A risk assessment program shall include an inventory of IT assets, IT policy and procedures impacted assessments and prioritization of data security vulnerabilities, and implementation of controls to mitigate identified vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits of MetricStream Solution

  • Create and integrate IT asset information from CMDB and IT Asset management systems
  • Manage asset risk profile with criticality and severity information to automatically calculate asset risk profile
  • Link assets with policies, regulations, controls and risk to automate risk assessment process for asset
  • Schedule automated or manual IT asset risk assessment through integration with compliance monitoring system or assessment workflow based on assessment questionnaires
  • Generate risk assessment status reports based on individual or group of assets