PCI DSS Compliance

Online merchants or any entity who stores, transmits, or processes card numbers has to be compliant with PCI DSS standards to reduce credit card scams, identity fraud and hacking incidents. Manually achieving PCI compliance is complex and costly process. It involves identifying cardholder data, taking an inventory of the IT assets and business processes for payment card processing, and analyzing them for vulnerabilities.

The main challenge lies in the lack of an end to end workflow for submitting a report on compliance (ROC) and an attestation of compliance (AOC), or completing a (SAQ) to align with the true risk and compliance posture across organization.

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MetricStream PCI DSS Compliance Software Solution

MetricStream’s Solution for PCI DSS enables organizations to complete the due-diligence required to ensure that they are in compliance with standards set forth by the PCI Council. MetricStream offers a comprehensive solution for PCI DSS compliance management, comprising MetricStream apps for IT compliance management, vendor risk management, IT policy management, and IT risk management. It enables multiple stakeholders to have visibility into and control over the PCI DSS compliance process. It has built-in fields that help capture the status of assets in the CDE, and flag them as critical or non-critical based on various parameters.

It also helps determining applicable self-assessment questionnaires, and simplifies the definition and classification of merchants like A, A- EP, B, B-IP, C-VT, and C, as per the PCI DSS SAQ Instruction Guidelines.

It facilitates a workflow-based, collaborative approach for managing remediation actions for issues discovered during SAQ, ROC, and AOC submissions. Finally, it enables merchants to compile and submit required reports to the appropriate acquiring banks and card brands.


  • Supports creation of centralized repository of controls and assessment checklists for PCI DSS compliance
  • Supports the creation of various levels of organization, business, and technology hierarchies
  • Helps identifying the scope of assessments by defining target business units, target PCI tiers, and compliance owners
  • Helps determining applicable self-assessment questionnaires, and simplifies the definition and classification of merchants
  • Provides comprehensive multilevel review and approval workflows for responses (both online and offline) received from merchants
  • Streamlines the process of validating a merchant’s compliance by submitting evidence and ROCs to their acquirer
  • Generates reports to track the PCI DSS compliance status
  • Proactively remediating issues by identifying non-compliance findings within the Card Holder Data Environment (CDE) from SAQs
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