PCI DSS Compliance

Incidents related to payment card data theft and misuse have forced the payment card industry to introduce preventative measures and reduce fraud. Online merchants or any entity who stores, transmits, or processes credit card numbers has to be compliant with PCI DSS standards. The PCI DSS framework provides network security and business practice guidelines to protect customers' payment card information. The standard has classified 6 broad compliance requirements and 12 sub requirements.

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MetricStream IT GRC Solution for PCI Compliance Software Solution

Organizations have to ensure that their compliance initiatives support effective security controls, issue management systems, control assessments, and risk management of IT systems, to prevent security breaches and protect critical card holder data.

MetricStream IT GRC software solution allows organizations to adopt the PCI DSS framework and streamline their key processes for managing IT policies, IT risks, IT compliance and IT audits. It also enables multiple stakeholders to have visibility into and control over the PCI DSS compliance process.


  • Supports the creation of a library of IT policies for all PCI DSS compliance requirements and sub-requirements
  • Defines controls in the system for PCI DSS compliance requirements at the policy chapter and sub-chapter level
  • Integrates and automates controls with enterprise security systems
  • Defines assessment checklists for PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Integrates with IT audit systems for IT hardware, software, and asset compliance assessment processes
  • Enables proactive issue management through integration with control and audit systems
  • Provides an integrated GRC infrastructure to manage control assessments, audits, and issues through a risk-based approach
  • Generates reports for policy compliance, risks, assessments and the PCI DSS compliance status
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