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MetricStream AppStudio

MetricStream AppStudio accelerates creation, extension and configuration of GRC applications on MetricStream GRC Platform. The tool-kit empowers customers to adopt an extensible GRC architecture where data elements, workflows, forms and business rules can be easily configured to meet specific needs.

AppStudio delivers an integrated suite of reusable code libraries, best practices, reports, design methodologies and other high level building blocks to rapidly configure applications, and extend them across the enterprise. Workflows can be easily defined, forms and processes designed, and GRC reports developed without custom coding.

AppStudio makes MetricStream is the most flexible GRC Platform in the market offering rapid configurability to deliver solutions specific to customers' environment. While customers benefit from extensibility and configurability, MetricStream Zaplet ecosystem partners effectively leverage AppStudio to rapidly build and deploy specialized GRC applications in the cloud.

  • AppStudio tool-kit includes Data Designer, Form Designer and Workflow Designer
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) dramatically lowers development costs
  • Visual development environment with web-based drag-and-drop tools
  • Easy maintenance and seamless upgradability of applications
  • Enables partner ecosystem to build & deliver solutions
  • Empowers customers to extend functionality