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Corporate Compliance

Recent Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) from the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG) have included unique obligations for life sciences and healthcare organizations - such as holding the Board of Directors and the Senior Management accountable for commercial compliance, corporate integrity, and ethics. As evident in recent pharmaceutical and medical device company settlements, the scope and complexity of CIAs havebeen increasing and now includes reviews performed by Independent Review Organizations (IROs).To support these requirements, compliance officers are contemplating how to streamline corporate compliance programs.

MetricStream Corporate Compliance Software Solution

MetricStream provides a comprehensive corporate compliance software solution for compliance officers operating under government enforcement or for those managing compliance programs at levels expected by the OIG. The solution helps institute reliable programs and systems to enable the oversight of corporate compliance program effectiveness, drive accountability through certifications, and implement controls around interactions among health care professionals. The solution also delivers powerful tools to identify compliance risks and mitigate them in order to avoid business disruptions, strained relationships with regulators, and the possibility of fines and other liabilities.

MetricStream C orporate Compliance Solution is designed to enable life sciences and healthcare organizations to prepare for increased government scrutiny by:

  • Stream lining policy communication, acceptance, andtraining
  • Simplifying multi-level certifications for accountability
  • Identifying and assessing compliance risks and controls
  • Ensuring on-going auditing, monitoring, and assessments
  • Improving compliance oversight with better reporting
  • Accelerating investigations and action planning

MetricStream delivers an integrated CIA Compliance Solution to help Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) establish a centralized policy and procedure repository for the entire organization. It also helps accurately map compliance requirements based on federal and state requirements as well as product lines.

Advanced capabilities such as risk assessment methodologies, compliance risk and controls registers,  built-in status tracking and reporting, integrated e-learning, remediation and action planning workflows, email-based notifications and escalations, and resource and time management capabilities allow organizations to maintain CIA-readiness and provide easy access to information and reports needed by the IRO and OIG.

Organizations can design and implement a compliance program based on industry best practices by using MetricStream's flexible and versatile GRC platform and solution suite. The solutions help in meeting current OIG mandates and keeping pace with evolving regulatory compliance requirements .