Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)Compliance Solution
AchieveEHS compliancethrough proactive monitoring and management of risks


Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Solution

Environment, health and safety has gained top priority for most organizations, with an increasing number of international laws, as well as several federal, regional and local reporting guidelines governing the subject. The huge costs of non-compliance with these rules and regulations outweigh the resource intensive processes required to stay compliant. Organizations must adequately address the risk of occupational health and safety of employees. Environment, health and safety compliance is particularly relevant for highly regulated industries such as chemical, oil and natural gas refining, and FDA regulated pharmaceutical industries.

A multitude of EHS compliance issues can be generated at various levels in the vast global supply chain through which a product navigates to reach the customers, and involves a range of functions such as production, processing, packaging and distribution. Organizations therefore require a collaborative and integrated approach to managing environment, health and safety compliance issues across their extended value chain. Effective management of EHS risks and threats encompasses a thorough evaluation of quantities of emissions, involvement of hazardous materials, and potential consequence of occupational hazard to employees, community and the environment. These are proficiently facilitated by an advanced environmental compliance solution that automates key processes and streamlines the important steps involved in complying with the EHS regulations.

MetricStream EHS Compliance Solution

Developed on the MetricStream GRC Platform, the web-based Environment, Health and Safety Compliance Solution allows ease-of-use and efficient implementation. It helps organizations to comply with the OSHA 29 CFR regulations, supports the OHSAS 18001 framework, and provides complete enterprise-wide visibility into events and trends, remedial actions and process metrics. The solution enables organizations to track hazardous materials through Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) thereby ensuring regulatory compliance with proper chemical and biological hazards management.

The solution comprises an integrated set of the modules powered by a closed loop process to enhance EHS compliance. The end result is that the potential risk of safety incidents is considerably reduced. It also enables organizations to integrate environment, health and safety compliance aspects into their corporate and facility-level business processes in an organized and systematic manner. MetricStream solution offers the ability to capture and report incidents; gather and report information on hazardous material; initiate and implement containment plans; trigger corrective and preventive action; and provide powerful analytics based on a range of factors such as incident, plant, and division.

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Allows organizations to define EHS policy, objectives and targets using Document Management System, and operational controls using Compliance Management
  • Enables the creation MSDS and exhaustive information to handle hazardous material
  • Drives effective risk assessment through advanced risk heat maps and risk calculators
  • Facilitates tracking and resolution of EHS related issues using issue tracking, CAPA and change control tools
  • Helps in measuring and monitoring EHS performance using audits, inspections and surveys
  • Supports EHS awareness programs like training and best practices
  • Drives effective risk assessment through advanced risk heat maps and risk calculators
  • Enables the management to take EHS related decision with analytical data through graphical reports and dashboards
  • Provides executive dashboards for real-time visibility into key process indicators, while email-based alerts and notifications ensure prompt response