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Internal Quality Solution

The growing mix of complex products and global expansion of operations requires a new approach to quality management - especially if manufacturers want to distinguish themselves from the competition. Many organizations have deployed either industry standard quality management methodologies such as Six Sigma and ISO 9000, or implemented quality management best practices to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and improve overall product and process quality. These new practices have created the need for better visibility into quality processes, and implementation of systems that ensure closed-loop quality management, and support easy access to and efficient routing of information.

The traditional approach of using homegrown systems, stand-alone applications, or even manual paper-based processes to manage quality fails to address systemic quality problems because they lack broad enterprise reach. As a result, many companies are seeking to deploy enterprise class solutions that can harmonize quality management across their worldwide operations.

MetricStream Internal Quality Management Software Solution

MetricStream offers the industry's most advanced and comprehensive suite of quality management solutions. Leading companies are replacing their point solutions and paper-based systems with MetricStream Internal Quality Management Solution to automate their quality management processes, gain real-time visibility into their quality metrics, and reduce the costs of poor quality.

Benefits of the Solution

Enables Closed Loop Internal Quality Processes: MetricStream ensures that all internal quality processes are well integrated to create a unified and seamless environment for managing quality related issues and data. The solution tracks events as they move from one stage to the next, to ensure a closed loop internal quality management cycle. For instance, it initiates a training request for document changes, and triggers CAPAs as a result of audit findings.

Streamlines Corrective Actions: The MetricStream solution allows users to collaborate on the development and implementation of corrective action plans for internal quality processes. It enables triggering of CAPAs, root cause analyses, assigning of follow up actions, and tracking and routing of cases from initiation to closure.

Improves the Efficiency of Internal Quality Audit Management: The MetricStream solution enables frequent internal audits to ensure that all internal quality requirements are being followed. It provides capabilities to efficiently plan, schedule, and conduct quality audits, allows audit findings to be reviewed and analyzed by a team, initiates corrective/preventive actions, and provides the ability to monitor the entire process.

Helps Implement Internal Quality Document Control: The MetricStream solution streamlines the entire document control process for SOPs, batch records, regulatory filings, quality reports, and other documents. The solution enables companies to adopt an electronic, collaborative, and automated approach to managing and controlling internal quality documents across the enterprise.

Tracks Non-conformance: The MetricStream solution accelerates the review and approval of internal quality non-conformance by automating workflows. It also supports recording and automatic rule-based routing of non-conformance issues for review and disposition by the Material Review Board (MRB).

Facilitates Real-time Reporting: The MetricStream solution enables tracking of internal quality issues and processes in realtime. It provides complete visibility into the internal quality system database with comprehensive aggregate reporting as well as individual case status tracking. Graphical executive dashboards and flexible reports with drill-down capabilities provide statistics, analytics, and trending information, thereby enabling data-driven decision-making.