Supply Chain Governance

The globalization of supply chains has opened up exciting opportunities to build new strategic partnerships, and source goods and services from anywhere across the world. Yet, many organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their complex networks of suppliers and sub-suppliers scattered across different geographies. Each business unit has its own approach to managing their respective suppliers. Therefore, at the enterprise level, supply chain governance often looks like a maze of multiple fragmented, uncoordinated, and manual processes. Tracking supplier performance and risk ends up being a costly and time-consuming exercise.As a result, many organizations are looking for ways to streamline supply chain governance processes, and strengthen top-level transparency into supply chain risks, compliance, and performance.

MetricStream Supply Chain Governance Software Solution

MetricStream provides a comprehensive solution to manage the complete range of supply chain governance requirements - be it supply chain risk management, compliance management, performance management, audit management, or contract management. The underlying platform provides the scalability to extend across the entire global supply chain, bringing all suppliers into one common ecosystem. This integrated approach improves visibility into supply chain risks, performance, and other key data, enabling stakeholders to proactively identify and address areas of concern.

The solution streamlines and standardizes supply chain governance processes across business units and geographies, thereby minimizing any duplication of effort. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and mapped to the supply chain for transparency and accountability.In addition, supplier notification and reporting workflows are automated, saving costs, time, and effort.

Key Benefits of the MetricStream Solution

  • Strengthens supply chain governance by providing in-depth visibility into the global supply chain, and facilitating real-time responsiveness
  • Provides advanced metrics and analytics to track and enhance supplier performance
  • Standardizes supply chain processes across the enterprise, improving transparency into supplier risks
  • Streamlines and accelerates the investigation and remediation of supply chain issues
  • Reduces supply chain governance costs, risk of non-compliance penalties, non-conforming products and services, and slips in SLAs, by facilitating a proactive and transparent approach to supply chain governance
  • Protects organizational interests through automated tracking of supply chain compliance with contracts and regulatory requirements