COVID-19 Solution

Proactively manage your organizations' COVID-19 resilience program with risk scorecards for employees, business leaders, vendors and projects.

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COVID-19 - What’s essential?  You need a pulse on hot spots, impacts, and potential shifts

Risks - Where are the hot spots?  See new COVID-19 risks in terms of geographies, customers, suppliers, business lines, high value processes, policies, assets, and technologies with feeds from the appropriate agencies, regulatory bodies, WHO, and other information providers

Third Parties - What’s the (current and potential) impact? Measure the scope of impact to predict workforce changes, delays, or alternative supply chains  - conduct rapid  assessments of impact to employees, systems, 3rd and 4th parties

Business Continuity - Who needs to know? Get the right information, simply stated, to key stakeholders  - but stay agile with an ‘information tree’ and workflow hierarchy -  who needs to know what information: employees, customers, the board and senior management, stakeholders, 1st responders, partners, and others. When will this shift? Understand when you could/should expect a change – is an office, critical supplier or region rising to a peak or recovering with increasing containment? Project the trajectory. Look at timing of shifting much needed resources.


COVID-19 – What’s Required? Leadership means acting; leveraging what works tactically

Policies - Communicate response strategies tied to tiered, clear action plans; distribute revised policies, procedures and controls around COVID-19 impacted realities: Work from Home, customer meetings, or alternate locations, and map to useful content and recommendations from WHO, CDC, and other authoritative sources.

Compliance - Put playbooks of the right actions in the hands of those who can take action – continuously improve rather than re-invent the wheel; implement renewed/stronger controls and ensure compliance with regulations, which may vary by country

Information Technology Risks - Tighten existing or deploy stronger controls in cyber, workplace health, technology access control, ensure your IT/Security teams are vigilant and block bad actors that take advantage of new vulnerabilities that may arise


How to Align? In tactical warfare no plan survives contact with the enemy

Observations From the Front Line - When an office/region needs to shut down, when the supply chain breaks…. Get observations, risk to affected business units, disruption from suppliers and incidents from the ‘front-line’

Case and Incidents - Gain visibility into impacted locations, facilities, customers, and products; Clearly communicate plans of how to respond to reports; prioritize your efforts for response, and remediation with proactive reporting and monitoring Incidents by employees and your extended enterprise

Cloud Access for All - Make access to the front line and all stakeholders easy. Designed to be deployed in minutes, the MetricStream GRC Cloud offers high availability and scalability, as well as advanced security and access controls

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