Today’s ever-changing landscape is marked by sanction, rules, and regulatory enforcements, increasing fines and penalties for non-compliance. There is also heightened focus on protecting brand and reputations. Organizations around the world are compelled to continuously monitor and assess their third-party relationships which require the requisite due diligence checks, accurate and real-time risk assessments, along with the enforcement of robust standards. MetricStream, in partnership with Dow Jones, equips enterprises with the intelligence and the tools needed to make better business decisions and drive business performance.

The MetricStream and Dow Jones Integrated Offering

The MetricStream Third-Party Management App integrates with Dow Jones to supports a comprehensive and intelligent process for onboarding, risk monitoring, conducting due diligence, and tracking performance of third-parties. The rich, real time, global data feeds covering: Politically Exposed Persons including relatives and close associates, Sanctions listings, Special Interest Persons, Stated Owned Enterprises and board members lists, and Adverse Media enhance third-party validation and monitoring. The app provides the ability to risk rate third parties based on feeds.

Value Proposition

  • Mitigate regulatory, commercial and reputational risks from the extended ecosystem

  • Establish inquisitive and stringent processes even before onboarding the third-party

  • Adopt a comprehensive risk-based approach with the ability to risk-rate the third parties based on the alerts from Dow Jones

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