Business Continuity and Recovery Planning

A series of major global crises in the last decade - including terrorist attacks, a financial recession, tsunamis, and earthquakes - have demonstrated that even the most unlikely catastrophes can occur and seriously debilitate business operations. In response, stakeholders and regulators are demanding that organizations include business continuity planning in their risk management and business models, so as to ensure that if a catastrophe occurs, operations and services will not be disrupted. A good business continuity plan invokes a high level of trust and confidence in an organization. It also helps protect organizational assets, and minimizes legal liability. That being said, most organizations find it an uphill task to effectively create and enforce a business continuity plan. Apart from the complexity of realistically simulating disaster scenarios, there is the difficulty of coordinating risk management and internal controls activities across the enterprise, and testing and updating continuity plans at regular intervals. Many organizations approach these processes manually which only drives costs higher. Moreover, most business continuity plans are restricted to the internal boundaries of an organization, which puts them at risk of disruptions caused outside e.g. in the supply chain.

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MetricStream's Business Continuity Planning Software Solution

The Business Continuity Planning functionality within the Business Continuity Management (BCM) App, supports and enhances each organization's efforts towards business continuity planning. The BCM App enables a systematic and closed-loop approach to the complete planning lifecycle - right from analyzing business continuity risk, to developing responsive strategies, to conducting audits and control reviews. It also provides the flexibility to expand business continuity plans processes and audits beyond the four walls of the organizations, towards external entities such as suppliers and business partners

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