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Organizations across industries grapple with issues arising from risk management, compliance, audits, and other governance processes. The issues are often documented and managed using siloed systems or cumbersome spreadsheets. This manual approach wastes time, effort, and resources. It also limits the ability of managers to track the status of issues at an enterprise level, in a timely manner.

The MetricStream Issue Management App enables a systematic and integrated approach towards managing governance, risk, and compliance issues. The app provides a single system for enterprise-wide issue management initiatives, thereby strengthening compliance and risk management, while reducing the associated costs. Through an integrated approach, the app facilitates cross-functional coordination and collaboration on issue management, and helps align these processes centrally with corporate governance and reporting objectives. At the same time, it helps ensure that issue ownership, management, and accountability are distributed among the various lines of business.

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Enabling High Performers

Responsive and personalized interface designed for GRC professionals

Highly configurable to meet your specific issue management requirements

Mobile ready, enabling assessments anywhere, anytime

Real-time intelligence and insights for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future


Capturing Issues

Capture detailed information about each issue, and categorize it based on pre-defined criteria and severity levels. Route the issue to an authorized approver (based on pre-configured rules for review, approval, and disposal) along with supporting documents. The approver can cancel the issue if it is found to be inconsistent or invalid.

Managing Issues

Once an issue is approved, generate an action plan for issue remediation. Capture all essential details about the action plan, route it for approval, and distribute it to the pre-defined action plan owner/s. You can also suggest an action plan during the issue creation or initiation stage without going through the approval process. In the absence of the issue owner, delegate the issue and action plan to another user without changing the ownership. Enable authorized users to provide comments or feedback on ongoing issues. Once the action plans are implemented, approve, close, reject, follow-up, or extend them for further clarification.

Action Implementation

Enable action owners to capture the work done as part of the recommended action plan. Route the action details for review, approval, and closure. Receive a periodic status update from action owners regarding the progress of issue management activities. Integrate these updates in issue and action reports that help managers track the status of issues from one stage to the next.

Monitoring Issues, Reports, And Metrics

Gain enterprise-wide visibility into the issue management process through graphical executive dashboards and flexible reports. Identify high-priority issues that need to be addressed quickly. Drill down to view multiple issue related statistics and data by a variety of parameters. Enable a comprehensive, real-time picture of issue and exception data, supported by analytics for trend analysis. In addition, track the status of all issues and the associated actions.

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Key Benefits

  • Initiate, manage, and resolve issues from multiple processes (such as audits, risk management,compliance, survey management, and IT GRC)
  • Accelerate issue management, as tasks are automatically routed from one stage to the next
  • Collaborate on issue investigation and remediation across departments and functional areas
  • Enable efficient delegation of issues and actions
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into issue data and status
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