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IT Asset Management

Manage, monitor, and track assets for effective IT risk and compliance management

The most crucial step in an IT GRC program is creating and maintaining an inventory of all organizational assets. It is important to know what needs to be protected, and how to protect it. Critical data is usually held at different locations across an organization's network; but the network itself continues to grow without being properly documented. Knowing what platforms and software have been deployed in your environment is the only way to determine if a new vulnerability applies to your network, and if you should be concerned about controlling or mitigating the associated risk.

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MetricStream IT Asset Management Software Solution

MetricStream provides a comprehensive framework for managing and monitoring IT assets across the enterprise. The functionality enables you to track the IT inventory and changes to corporate endpoints, applications, devices, and related information systems that comprise or interact with IT infrastructure.

Capabilities of the Functionality

A Centralized Asset Repository with Flexible Parameters

The Asset Management functionality provides built-in fields to capture the status of assets, and flag them as critical or non-critical based on various parameters. All asset information, including risks, IT control self-assessments, and computer control data is stored in a centralized library in a many-to-many manner. Using the functionality, users can define and maintain a centralized structure of the overall IT compliance and control hierarchy, including processes, asset repositories, risks for the processes and assets, controls to mitigate the risks, and programs to audit and assess the controls. The functionality also includes associated policies and procedures, reporting requirements, and filing templates and schedules for various regulations.

Integration with Third Party Asset Management Systems

There are three predominant types of IT asset management systems: repositories, auto discovery systems, and software usage monitoring systems. The Asset Management functionality integrates with many of these systems, including HP Asset Manager, CA, BMC, IBM Tivoli, nCircle, Qualys, eEye, and Symantec, as well as Active Directory, MS Excel spreadsheets, or XML files. The Asset Management functionality extracts asset management data from these systems, and integrates it with other critical risk and compliance data, thus providing organizations with a comprehensive view of all the information required to make critical strategic or risk-based decisions.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

The Asset Management functionality provides advanced capabilities for managing IT assets through all stages of their lifecycle - planning, acquisition, deployment, management, support, and disposition. The Asset Management functionality also enables organizations to adapt to compliance changes faster by providing quick insights on where assets are located, and what configurations they have.

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