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IT Incident Management Solution

Many organizations lack infrastructure and a structured approach to deal with IT incident management processes such as incident prioritization, resolution, and remediation. As a result, they run the risk of not capturing the knowledge gained from incident resolution. Large corporations with a large number of IT assets and processes can be often overwhelmed by the number of IT incidents. Inadequate tools or processes for dealing with these incidents can result in significant IT risks that threaten business performance and continuity.

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MetricStream IT Incident Management Software Solution

The MetricStream solution provides advanced capabilities for IT incident detection and recording, loss event tracking, investigation, escalation, diagnosis, and remediation or corrective action . The solution centralizes and streamlines the complete IT case management life-cycle for IT, cyber, and physical incidents as well as ethics violations. It improves communication and teamwork on exception cases across departments and functional areas, and helps the Management gain enterprise-wide visibility into the status of issues, incidents, and related process metrics.

Centralized Incident Recording: The MetricStream solution allows centralized incident recording and documentation across various business units and locations. The solution offers capabilities for manual recording of incidents as well as automatic triggering of incident workflows. The latter is based on integration with systems for managing threats, vulnerabilities, configuration compliance, identity and access governance, security information, and event management. These systems route incidents to the MetricStream solution in real time. The solution, in turn, logs each IT incident, and assigns a unique case number to track the incident as it moves through various stages. It captures detailed information about the IT incident , and categorizes it based on pre-defined criteria, the severity level of the incident, and the responsible unit. The solution also supports correlation with past data to enable aquick analysis and decision on the need for remedial action.

Incident Review and Reporting: The MetricStream solution routes the incident for review and analysis to authorized users based on pre-configured rules . A decision tree functionality supports the identification of reportable events as well as the type of report that needs to be filed. The system also captures incident data from external sources via integration with third-party products.

Investigation and Remedial Actions: The MetricStream solution automatically sends out alerts and notifications to appropriate personnel for investigating the incident, and initiating immediate remedial action . The investigation is driven by collaborative workflows that ensure responsiveness by assigning tasks to an individual or a team with due dates . Once remediation is initiated, the case remains open till it has been investigated, and results have been verified for effectiveness.

Monitoring Incidents: Incident tracking reports and dashboards provide enterprise-wide visibility into the incident management process, and highlight high-risk cases. The solution provides complete real-time visibility into incident and exception data with analytics for trend analyses. Reports for status tracking, as well as scorecards, and compliance dashboards can be readily accessed. Graphical executive dashboards and flexible reports with drill-down capabilities provide statistics and data by a variety of parameters such as by assets, applications, processes,and business units. The system maintains a detailed history of each incident, and tracks its resolution status as well as key metrics such as loss information.

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