Unified Compliance Framework (UCF)

Simplify IT Compliance across regulations, standards & guidelines

Due to the heightened regulatory environment, most organizations need to comply with multiple regulations, standards, and guidelines, which is often achieved without proper planning and oversight. This may result in the creation of different teams working in silos, duplicating their efforts, and resulting in an extremely high cost of compliance.

To address these issues and unify IT compliance initiatives across the organization, MetricStream has partnered with Network Frontiers to deliver the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) Common Controls Hub (CCH) integrated with MetricStream's market- leading IT Compliance Management App. The UCF is the largest and the only industry-vetted compliance database that maps and "harmonizes" more than 9,300+ IT control statements to more than 1,200+ regulations, standards and frameworks.

Benefits of MetricStream and UCF Common Controls Hub (CCH) Integration

Through this partnership, MetricStream clients are able to contain costs and manage the overwhelming complexity of IT compliance by standardizing on a common set of controls that map to all the regulations and policy mandates they need to comply with. This is available as a hierarchical dataset within the MetricStream IT Compliance app. The UCF CCH leverages the commonalities running through the various regulations, standards, and guidelines in order to rationalize IT controls and organize them for easy implementation, testing and monitoring. With the inclusion of the UCF CCH, the MetricStream apps and solutions provides audit and compliance teams the ability to audit once across many guidelines and regulations.

By delivering the UCF Common Control Hub content integrated with MetricStream's IT Compliance app, MetricStream further enhances the ROI customers derive by providing a unified and clear view of global IT regulatory requirements.

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