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Measure Your GRC Impact in Four Easy Steps

  • 1

    Watch a demo video of the business value calculator (above)

  • 2

    Define key factors and costs in your GRC program

  • 3

    Measure the improvements in risk capability and increased resilience that can be gained with MetricStream products

  • 4

    View a comprehensive business value report and get it delivered to you in PDF format

MetricStream’s ConnectedGRC product lines are designed to empower today’s dynamic enterprises with a connected approach to GRC that enables seamless collaboration between risk, compliance, audit, cybersecurity, and sustainability teams.

Empowered by BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC, your organization can better identify, assess, manage, and mitigate risk across the enterprise, including strategic, operational and enterprise, IT and cyber, third and fourth-party, compliance, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. Built with advanced analytics and AI capabilities, MetricStream’s products are based on a single, scalable platform that supports you wherever you are on your GRC journey.

But as a customer or prospect how do you measure the ROI that MetricStream’s GRC products can deliver for your organization? How can you share the real, quantifiable value that’s being created? How do you determine the exact value of the potential benefits, efficiencies, and cost savings that can be realized?

That’s where the MetricStream Business Value Calculator® comes in. The Business Value Calculator® is a simple tool to help you create a business case calculated on the real and quantifiable business value delivered to your GRC program when using MetricStream products. Our calculators are built with the unique ability to measure value based on the current and target capabilities of your GRC process.

Discover your potential benefits, cost savings, and efficiencies as you move from inefficient tools like spreadsheets and costly, time-consuming processes to rationalizing risks, controls, and processes and increasing your organization’s ability to thrive on risk.

Sharing quantifiable value and ROI of your GRC programs will help you:

  • Get buy-in for your GRC approach

  • Justify and prioritize funding for new investments

  • Communicate the benefits and value of your program to senior leadership


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