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Effective audit management drives continuous improvement by ensuring that established quality requirements for products and processes are being met. For companies that are regulated by the FDA, FAA or are following quality standards such as ISO 9000/13485/14000, regular audits are also essential to reduce the risk of noncompliance. The efficiency of audit execution and integration of the audit process with the overall enterprise-wide quality management system are critical for successful audit management.


MetricStream Audit Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to manage all audits within an organization as well as audits of external entities, such as suppliers, contractors and/or by customers. It provides capabilities to efficiently plan, schedule and conduct audits, allows audit findings to be reviewed and analyzed by a team, enables initiation of follow-up activities such as corrective/preventive actions when needed and provides the ability to monitor the entire process. The powerful analytics and reporting capability with graphical dashboards to track each audit from initiation to closure gives managers complete real-time visibility into the quality system.

Retail Store Audits
One of the world's largest oils and gas companies with 20,000+ gas stations
Field auditors, audit coordinators, contract auditors involved in audits of thousands of gas station convenience stores. These audits are conducted to ensure accuracy of accounting and inventory at the convenience stores. MetricStream’s automation of the audit process with workflows for reviews, approvals, has accelerates the auditing and improved productivity with online communication and collaboration. The system provides real-time access to actionable information for enterprise-wide visibility into the audit process and metrics on executive role-based dashboards for graphical views of information. Reviewers from the corporate office as well as external auditors from overseas instantly get real-time access and visibility into the audit information while previously it took weeks as document were shipped through postal mail.

Grocery Store Audits
One of the largest supermarkets in the United States 
The quality assurance group promotes the advancement of quality and regulatory compliance. The group uses MetricStream for auditing and reporting on the food sanitation and safety environments within stores, manufacturing plants and warehouses. The company also monitors supplier plants of its private brand label products. These auditing programs are performed by a combination of internal quality associates, contracted third party companies and government agencies. The purposes of these audits is to ensure that suppliers comply with food safety regulations, to maintain safe shopping and work environments and that all associates consistently perform high quality food safety practices.

Airline Audits
One of the world's largest airlines 
For this airlines company, The MetricStream solution provides a comprehensive application to manage a wide rage of audits necessary for  FAA Compliance including Line Observation Safety, Internal Evaluation Program, Flight Safety, Ground Safety, Maintenance Safety & Compliance, Maintenance & Engineering, Quality Assurance, System Safety & Analysis, Occupational Safety, Safety and Quality Evaluations.

Pharmaceutical Audits
Safety & risk management through case management reviews, document reviews as well as corrective actions 
The Safety and Risk Management Group is responsible for the quality analysis, review and audits of documents for regulatory filings and adverse events. With MetricStream, the group's review of adverse event case files has improved significantly as they can now identify the highest risk cases, ensure a consistent audit of these case files and reduce the time to complete the review of the case. Equally important, the group can now identify trends of the most common types of errors in adverse event cases, and take corrective action to resolve the root cause(s) of those errors. Electronic workflows, email notifications and collaboration tools have improved employee responsiveness and participation reducing the average closure times.

Pharmaceutical Audits
Internal and external audit management for FDA compliance 
Using the MetricStream solution auditors, quality officers and audited parties work together, from audit plan definition through on-site audit processing to the corrective actions and final review of the audit report to ensure  FDA compliance. All types of audits are supported and the result is a streamlined process which saves time and money.

Medical Devices Audits
Internal and external audit management for FDA compliance and ISO 13485 
MetricStream enables the company to improve quality, reduce costs and identify operational risks by facilitating the full lifecycle management of audits. It ensures that findings are resolved in a timely and effective manner. The system is a critical tool for the efficient management of observations and resulting corrective actions associated with internal audits as well as with supplier audits and regulatory inspections thus supporting compliance with  FDA GMP regulations  and industry standards such as ISO 13485.

Food Safety and Supplier Audits
One of the world's top sandwich chains operating over 16,000 restaurants 
MetricStream enables streamlined supplier audits, analysis of samples from production trials and review of quality records including trend analyses on audit histories and inspection findings. The audits are designed to identify improvements and provide a high degree of confidence that processes are being effectively managed to minimize hazards and improve product quality and safety.

Energy & Utility Audits
Powering compliance and auditing at a major energy utility company 
For energy and utilities companies, industry regulations from FERC, NERC and state and regional public service commissions combined with cross-industry regulations like Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) impact all business functions operationally as well as strategically. The MetricStream solution streamlines the company’s processes for auditing and enables them to employ best practices frameworks for managing compliance. Based on the compliance requirements and associated risk, the audits and assessment plans are scheduled periodically or triggered based occurrence of certain adverse events. The system supports risk assessment  and computations based on configurable methodologies to prioritize response strategies and mitigation plans.

Supplier Audits
A leading semiconductor assembly and testing outsourcing company 
MetricStream enables conducting supplier audits to ensure that suppliers meet the established product and process quality requirements. The audit process drives continuous improvement. MetricStream provides capabilities to plan, schedule and conduct audits, allows audits finding to be analyzed and enables the initiation of follow-up activities such as supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) and re-audits.