Our Commitment to Excellence

Consistently demonstrate the highest level of skill, competence, and sound judgment in our work Demonstrate honesty, commitment and loyalty to our clients and their families, fellow employees, and our organization Strive to provide the very best service to our clients. Set specific goals and work hard and efficiently to achieve them Continuously improve our work through evaluation, education, and training Recognize and reward those who set and maintain the highest standards of excellence

Each day

we enter the homes of 33,000 clients, where we complete hundreds of thousands of activities

we hire and onboard more than 50 employees

we engage with more than 1,000 referral sources in person or by phone

we field thousands of phone calls from community resources, families, and colleagues

Our success depends on our ability to ensure that client and employee experiences not only meet but exceed defined standards.


BAYADA GRC Framework


BAYADA GRC Framework


Key Opportunities of GRC

Enhance the measurement and reporting of metrics to continuously improve at the individual, office, and practice levels

Improve our ability to demonstrate to our internal and external partners our commitment to, and focus on, quality and compliance

Develop the skills necessary to achieve lasting, continuous improvements that support our growth

Promote consistent accountability of all employees for our compliance Increase performance levels and reduce variation across all five pillars


Current State Assessment


BAYADA GRC Framework



Today, external and internal events are stored across service offices with no single system to connect all of the dots. Once MetricStream is available, all internal and external events across all service offices will be visible within the system providing a view of the total health of an office.


BAYADA GRC Framework


What Changed


BAYADA GRC Framework


Phase 1 - MetricStream Case Management App


BAYADA GRC Framework


Training & Education Resources


BAYADA GRC Framework


Key Learnings

Use system to drive process where possible – minimize customization

Integrations with other systems can cause complexity

User interface is important – especially if coming from a customized solution or paper forms/tools

Ensure the organization has adequate tools and resources to help promote change


The Road Ahead

Enhance user interface and educational resources to meet the needs of our stakeholders

Design and pilot Phase 2 – incorporating internal and external QA and audit data into MetricStream

Understand how MetricStream will interface with new organizational software tools


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