The Client: The Largest Oil and Gas Companies in the World


The existing manual processes involving spreadsheets, emails and paper documents to manage investigations were less effective and created critical information inconsistency throughout the investigation process.

With the MetricStream Investigation Management Solution, the client was able to strengthen and streamline its investigation management program by providing a robust system to capture, store, and report all investigation related information on single and secure system. In addition to eliminating information inconsistencies, the solution also facilitated easy migration of historic data which greatly helps the investigation team.

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Oil and Gas companies, in general, are facing a tough time combating a range of risks that can potentially cause multiple fatalities, major environmental damage, serious reputational harm or significant asset damage. Risks emerge from various sources including dangerously-situated reserves, gas leaks, oil rig explosions, fires, sophisticated IT systems etc. If not managed properly, these risks can inflict serious economic, environmental, health, safety, and security consequences.

Being one of the largest refiners and marketers of petroleum products, the client wanted a comprehensive solution to manage and investigate all the incidents within their various areas of operations to achieve greater operational excellence. The requirement was for a solution that can enhance their existing investigation management system, one that can incorporate business intelligence and workflow to their different operations. MetricStream provided the client with a comprehensive Investigation Management Solution, helping them better manage their various investigation activities and document retention.

The MetricStream Investigation Management Solution is used by the internal team to investigate various loses pertaining to many employee and non-employee issues affecting business ethics, conflicts of interest, corporate assets, gifts/entertainment or directorships. The creation of an investigation provides the client a single place to capture all the information related to investigation activities performed and documentation created or collected such as investigation meetings (description, status, document agenda items, attendees, and required follow-ups), supporting documentation or evidence.

The investigation management execution begins with the Lead Investigator (LI) who creates an investigation and captures the issue into the system. He enters all the details about the case into a standard issue creation form. The details include case description, lead investigator, status, audit function area or division, business organization, region/country, source of irregularity allegation, sort of allegation etc. The case is then reported to Investigator & Reporting Coordinator (IRC), who further analyses the case accessing all investigation and reports. The investigation then goes to Close Out Approver who reviews the investigation records for respected Audit Area and provides feedback comments when required. Once the investigation is approved by the Close Out Approver, the financial component is added to the issue. The financial components include lose, type of lose, estimated lose, estimated recovery etc. There is a financial component attached to every issue. This is done by the IRC or lead investigator.

While capturing the case, the findings such as source, type, reason etc. are entered into the system. Once all updates are completed, the investigation is submitted for completion and obtains an ‘Approved Status’. As the approval process is over, the investigation will move to a ‘Completed Status’ which is otherwise called Soft Close. The IRC or LI then completes a standard form to capture specific information. If they find any mismatch of information here, IRC or LI can edit and update the system at this point. Once the form is completed and Corporate Reporting is finalized, the investigation is hard closed. Once the investigation is hard closed, it cannot be reopened.

The next stage is the Reporting. Generic, Loss and Corporate Reports are the three main categories of reporting under which there are about 20 separate reports. All the reports are 100% customized. Corporate Report is the irregularity report. The irregularities are reported based on the geography, type of policy violation and business. Generic Report includes investigation full database report, discipline recap report (this is mapped to type of irregularity), key contacts report, status update report, and investigation report. The loss report recaps loses by irregularity type, loses by geography, and loses by businesses.


The client was using manual methods including spreadsheets, emails and paper documents to manage their investigation processes. They were looking for a solution that can automate all of their investigation processes to improve investigation accuracy, time and cost.

Information inconsistency was a major concern for the client. Since the existing processes were largely manual and lacked the ability to incorporate, analyse historic data, the client was looking for a comprehensive and streamlined investigation method that can eliminate the inconsistencies.

The client was following an unorganized, rather scattered investigation process. As the internal issues and incidents are critical to the organization’s business objectives, the client wanted a single, centralized and secure source to capture all the information.

Why MetricStream?

MetricStream provides a secure Investigation Management Solution that streamlines, automates and consolidates multiple investigation management processes across the enterprise.

The solution offers a centralized system that can capture all the critical investigation information, keep the information in a secure system and limit the access to only investigating team.

The MetricStream solution enables easy, rapid migration of historic data to the new system, which can also be pulled into a report.


  • Improved Agility and Efficiency:
    The MetricStream solution automated the end-to-end investigation management workflow, helping the client save time and resources, accelerate process and minimize errors.
  • Data Migration:
    The solution helped the client migrate all the historic data and import all the older issues into the new system, thus enabling the investigation team to analyse and better investigate various issues.
  • Centralized and Secure System:
    The solution provided the client with a single, centralized, and secure system to capture all the investigation information. It also ensures that the critical information is accessible only to the investigation team.
  • Seamless Reporting and Customization of Reports:
    The solution facilitates seamless reporting of investigation findings in addition to 100% customization capabilities to help the management and team take informed decisions based on these reports.

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